12 Little Things That’ll Make Your Relationship SUPER Strong

While falling in love is all good and dandy, it takes more than just the power of love and attraction to keep a relationship going strong. Here are 12 little things you can incorporate to disrupt the routine of everyday life and show your partner just how much they mean to you.



1. Compliment each other every day. This sometimes only happens in the beginning of a relationship, or is a one-way street with one party.



2. Maintain a weekly, unplugged date night. It will help you shut the rest of the outside world’s noise out and focus on each other.


3. Don’t put them down or take advantage of their insecurities, and be mindful of how you express your feelings to them.



4. Get their favorite candy or order takeout from their favorite restaurant just in time for them to come home – asking for nothing in return is the cherry on top.


5. Always respect your view on things, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them.



6. Try to laugh over the uncomfortable or awkward moments rather than pitting against each other in the midst of tension.


7. Take 30 seconds to think before you speak. You can avoid impulsive comments you don’t mean in the heat of the moment, that way.



8. Encourage them and be their cheerleader through tough days at work. Being on their side and celebrating them for who they are makes a big difference.


9. Say sorry and act accountable and responsible for your actions when it counts.



10. Be honest about everything. Share your fantasies, your problems, and your burdens. When you hold them in, you may act toxic or secretive to your partner. Sharing things will only make you feel closer.


11. Give each other space and let your partner have alone time. Let him go out on boys nights and similarly, have self-care evenings or dinner with the gals.



12. Try new things together. Going out of your comfort zone alone is awesome, but going out of it together will help you expand as a couple and become more intimate as well as strengthening your bond.