2018 Love Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign


The end of the year is approaching fast and we can already feel the breath of fresh wintery air that brings along new beginnings and, if you’re among the lucky ones, new relationships as well. Wouldn’t life be much, much easier if we had at least a hint about the things to come? Well, Astrology offers us just that! Of course, no one knows the exact time and date you’ll meet your Prince Charming, but horoscopes can at least tell you that the chances are high and right now is the time to open your heart to all the new experiences coming your way. It’s also good to be prepared to any shortcomings that might be heading your way in the year 2018. This means you’ll just have to do more fun things and involve yourself in activities that bring you incredible joy! Let’s find out what the stars have prepared for you in 2018.



This time Aries ladies really need to go for it and work hard to improve their relationships. The reward will be outstanding! Whatever hardships you may have experienced the previous year – it wasn’t for nothing and the big payoff is about to happen real soon. Although, it doesn’t mean you can relax, not yet! A few more steps are required to finally make those relationships of yours work. In 2018 Aries women can easily find intimate, gentle relationships and even get a marriage proposal.



Taurus women are in for some major treats in 2018! If you aren’t in any relationships yet, go pamper yourself because someone amazing is coming your way as we speak. Jupiter has popped your partnership area and is spreading his mojo all over the place, drawing incredible people like a magnet. You’ll meet a bunch of new peeps and, most certainly, an amazing partner that is wealthy in all aspects. Get ready for highly emotional, intimate relationships that can easily turn into something beautiful and long-lasting.

Gemini ladies will be as hardworking as ever in year 2018. This means that most of their time will be spent at work, which makes their chances of finding love pretty low. Even if you enjoy work very much, think about doing something fun and out of the ordinary. Or maybe go to the gym where you’ll kill two birds with one stone – blow some steam off and meet new people, possibly a new boyfriend! With Pluto and Saturn in your area of intimacy, it’s time to be really mindful about how you’re treating other people. Re-evaluate all your connections and let go of the people that don’t belong in your life.



Lately it’s been all about career, work, and financial support for Cancer ladies due to the influence of lively Uranus in their career sector. But things are about to change now! In 2018, you will become more attractive than ever, drawing all kinds of people like a gorgeous magnet. This is the best time to build strong bonds and get into romantic, deeply-intimate relationships. Jupiter will bring you joy, optimism, and good luck, so don’t miss your chance!

Leo women will spend most of 2018 improving themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your focus will be more internal, hence, making all new connections deeper than ever. Dreamy Neptune will make you look for emotionally-satisfying relationships, while fierce Mars will push all your buttons bringing attention to all the existing bonds and partnerships. Don’t be afraid of those ‘exams’ – the Universe is merely testing you and your partner, while pushing you in the right direction. Listen to yourself and let your intuition guide you through rough times.



It’s time for Virgo ladies to get out of their comfort zone and go traveling. Whether it’s a random visit to your childhood home or an adventurous vacation somewhere hot and tropical, you have very high chances of meeting your one and only. With Pluto and Saturn roaming all over your house of love, don’t be surprised if things go out of hand and you find yourself being over-emotional about things, especially those concerning love and relationships. Pay close attention to your reactions and don’t hesitate to be more adventurous about dating.

It’s been a fruitful year for Libra ladies in terms of relationships. Uranus pretty much turned your world upside down and now you know exactly what you’re looking for in a partner. If you’re single, this year brings great opportunities, especially if you move out of your house for some time. It’s generally a good idea to shake things up and move around a little bit – you may even feel the urge to go live in another country! Allow yourself to experiment in that department as those changes will also influence your love life. You are more likely to find your soulmate in a new place out of your usual surroundings. If you are already in a relationship your bond will become even stronger if you change the scenery.



The rebel planet Uranus is crashing into your house of relationships with a bang! Prepare to make lots of changes in your relationships as you yourself will crave for new people, places, and experiences. You might spice up your wardrobe (if you haven’t already), which will boost your appeal higher than ever. Nevertheless, your selectiveness is what truly matters in the end. You know what you want in a partner (and in life) and that’s exactly what will be drawn to you. Just don’t be afraid of all that change!

Sagittarius ladies should really take some time for themselves in 2018. Go on romantic vacations, visit healing retreats, and you will definitely find a like-minded someone there along the way. It’s important for you to slow down a bit and take in the surroundings. Where are you now and is it really where you want to be? If not, pack your bag and venture into the wild exploring what the world has to offer. You’ll be surprised to find out lots of new things about yourself as well! Your new bond, wherever you might find it, will be more about spiritual connection than anything else.



Capricorn ladies will meet quite a few challenges in 2018. Your love life might be stable right now, but with adventurous Uranus and lunar eclipse that went through your love house in the beginning of the year, prepare yourself to make some major changes. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to deepen that bond and form a more meaningful connection. If you are still single, take a closer look at people surrounding you, especially those in the ‘friend zone’. This year your BFF might very well turn into the love of your life!

Aquariuses are up for a bumpy ride in 2018. You may be feeling the shakes already, but the true earthquake is yet to come. All your love commitments are about to be tested, along with your friendships. The energy brought to your life by the lunar eclipse in January will now highlight all the issues you’ve been ignoring as well as areas that need fixing. Maybe you are finally ready to move on? If you aren’t taken yet, feel free to explore your surroundings. Places where you spend most of your time will likely become the source of amazing friendships and more intimate relationships, but only if you take the time to look around and communicate with people.



Pisces are known for their loving nature, and year 2018 will have all the opportunities for it to shine. You are already filled with love and you can find it wherever you are – in a glimpse of a sunshine, in a smile of baby, or in cat’s purr. That’s why this year is so amazing for you! In 2018 you may actually find a like-minded partner that will share all this loving with you and together you will make the world around you explode with excitement. Your house of love and pleasure was energized by the solar eclipse of July, and now it’s time you finally felt it!