5 Things Which Will Ruin Your Relationship with Your Man

You might think that your relationship is going great, however, your man might think otherwise. There are some things a woman should never do in a relationship even if she really wants to. Here is a list of 5 things which can easily ruin your relationship with your man.



1. Trying to solve all his problems
When you are in relationship, you start acting like you are on the same team and should help each other. It’s important to realize that helping someone doesn’t mean solving all of their problems for them. You are dating an adult, not a helpless child. Moral support and looking at the situation from a different angle will do more good that actually getting fully involved. The main thing to remember is that a relationship is a team effort. You are not in a competition to see who can do things better.
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2. “I told you so”
There is nothing more annoying than someone trying to be right in every single situation. Admitting that you are wrong is very hard thing to do for anyone. By saying “I told you so” you not only provoke him for a witty response but you are also implying that you are smarter and would totally get out of the situation better. Your man, as well as you, would like to feel important and appreciated so phrases like this could only push him away in the long run.
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3. Give up your life
Many women think that they should sacrifice their life for their partner and spend all their time just loving and doing everything for them. Nevertheless, think about the time when your man fell in love with you. You had interests, social life, some goals and motivation and if you give up all of that, will you be as interesting as before? You should develop both in the sense of a couple and as individual. You never know what is going to happen in the future. The best rule is not to make sacrifices unless you were asked to do so (and you are actually ready to do so).
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4. Change yourself
Every woman wants to look nice not only for herself but also for the man she loves. Small changes in your appearance to refresh your look will make you feel better but if your man asks for more dramatic changes think twice. If your partner is not happy with who you are there is no guarantee that he will love you after you will completely change yourself. If there are small things that you can easily agree to, don’t hesitate (unless you can never go back).
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5. Try to overshadow him
A loving relationship involves partnership on equal terms. It doesn’t mean that you have to divide everything in half or measure who did what. It is always nice to treat each other as something special. However, if you give him expensive presents all the time and he cannot match it, he will feel pretty awkward accepting them. On the other side, if your partner is happy to receive nice presents and give nothing back, look at him closer as he might use you and your love to get what he wants.

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