6 Reasons Dating Forever Is Way Better Than Getting Married

There’s way too much pressure around getting married these days and the older you get the more you hear about it and the more you feel it. Our society is borderline obsessed with marriage. It’s presented to us as an ultimate goal in life. You can have a hugely successful career or not, you can choose to have kids or not, but everyone expects you to eventually settle down with someone and get married. Somehow marriage is portrayed as this be all for every dream and goal and end all to every single problem you have. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not the case. Here are 6 good reasons dating forever is way better than getting married.



1. You Don’t Have To Prioritize Your Partner Over Your Friends
When you’re dating it’s totally acceptable to go out with your friends, take an impromptu trip to Spain with your girlfriends and go to a birthday party on your own. But when you’re married it’s suddenly frowned upon. Wherever you go, you’re expected to show up with your partner or not at all, people always invite both of you, and if you show up alone it’s only because there’s a serious reason like “my partner couldn’t make it because he’s been sick all week”. So next time your friends go on a fun trip or throw a party you basically have to choose to either come with your partner and ruin the fun for everyone or just not go and experience major FOMO while scrolling through social media.


2 .Breakups Are Way Easier
Breakups aren’t really easy, but they’re definitely easier than divorces. A breakup will hurt a little, you’ll cry, have some ice-cream and way too much wine, and then you move on. Divorces are a whole other beast. The process is not only painful, emotionally and mentally draining, but it also gets nasty with all those legal and financial issues, plus it can take up to a year and at the end of it you’re still left with a godawful label of having been divorced. Life just isn’t the same after that.


3. You Make Your Own Decisions
If you want to buy the super expensive new iPhone or spend your savings on a new car – you can, it’s your money, therefore it’s up to you. It’s not as easy when you’re married. Every big purchase has to be talked about, pros and cons weighted, your spouse’s thoughts and opinions taken into consideration. Why? Cause what’s yours is theirs and you have a communal budget.


4. You’re Not Under Contractual Obligations
If you think that marriage is just a piece of paper and it doesn’t really change much – you’re in denial. It’s a binding legal contract. You have obligations now and you can’t just change your mind and throw it away. It’s basically as scary and important as a mortgage or a loan from the bank. Getting out of it is not easy.


5. You Don’t Have To Deal With Their Crap
There’s no point denying there are perks to getting married. You get a nice ring, a tax break, you can use the same insurance plan. However if your spouse gets into debt or decides to max out all the credit cards guess what, it’s your problem too now and you have to deal with it. Everything bad decision they make from that point on affects you in a very real and direct way.


6. You’re Only Responsible For Yourself
When you’re dating, even if it’s a long relationship, you’re not really expected to take on extra responsibilities like keeping up with both sides of the family or doing all the chores at home. After all his family is his problem, you’re only dating him. As long as you call your own mom once in a while and visit your family for Christmas – you’re good. Once you get married chances are these responsibilities and chores will double.