6 Things You Wouldn’t Expect Your BF Finds Hot But He Does


A lot of the time we think that guys judge how hot girls are simply by the looks. We think it’s all about our size, how fit we are, whether we have that hourglass figure or not. The truth is, they’re not all that shallow, you know? To a lot of them our personality is what matters most, our opinions and worldviews are important to them and our sense of humor is what makes them attracted to us too. So let’s talk about things you wouldn’t expect your boyfriend to find hot, but he does.



1. When He Sees The Way You Act With Children
Do you find it endearing when you see a guy being cute with children? Well, guys are the same way about us. When they see you acting all sweet with kids they can’t help but find it attractive. After all, most of them want to become a father at some point in their life and when they see that you’re good with kids it only adds points for you.

2. Getting Sweaty At The Gym
You might think getting sweaty is disgusting, but there’s no getting around it at the gym. If you’re not breaking a sweat you’re not really working out. So don’t worry about looking cute or wearing makeup to the gym. Guy find it hot when girls get sweaty at the gym, it just proves that they’re working hard. And what’s not to like about a girl who’s serious about her fitness.

3. Snorting During Laughter
Everyone knows no girl would voluntarily snort during laughter. Like who in their right mind would do that on purpose? So if it does happen to you – don’t worry, guys will only take that as a compliment. Why? Cause that means their sense of humor is so good they made you snort-laugh. It’s adorable, and it means you genuinely find what they’re saying to be absolutely hilarious.

4. Beating Him In A Video Game
If your guy is a gamer, you don’t have to pretend to be bad at video games, if you beat him – he’ll be impressed. How many other girls do you think he’s ever met that are better at video games than him. He’ll be over the moon that he’s finally found a girl that shares his interest in video games.

5. Awkward Dancing
Not everyone is a natural dancer. So it’s ok if you’re a bit awkward with your moves. In fact, if you’re still willing to dance awkwardly with your boyfriend it shows that you trust him not to judge you and you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in front of him – both of which are good things. Plus, he might be better at dancing and that means he can teach you, which will be super hot.

6. Sweatpants and Homie Clothes
Tight dresses and high heels are all good, but there’s nothing guys find more attractive than a girl who can still look hot in her sweatpants and a plain t-shirt. Seriously, ask your boyfriend and he’ll confirm. You don’t have to make a huge effort every time. He likes you for who you are and trust him when he says you look cute in your home clothes, he’s not lying.