7 Signs You Are Too Co-Dependent On Your Partner


Co-dependent relationship might seem fun and comfortable at first, but in the long run they will bring nothing but trouble. Yes, it feels quite remarkable when you finally find the person that fills all your gaps and masks all that is lacking. But when it comes to your personal, intellectual, and spiritual development, it’s like getting into a swamp without the prospect of ever getting out. Because you complete each other so well, you lean on each other in every aspect of your life. Instead of making yourself whole and independent, you fully rely on the other person to help you out. Sounds familiar? Here are 7 signs you too co-dependent on your partner.



You don’t deal with your emotions
Whatever happens in your life, good or bad, you always turn to your partner to share your emotions. You avoid carrying that burden and facing what you really feel. You’d rather have him comfort you into oblivion as to who you really are. Engage in self-care and find the way back to owning your emotions – it’s a gift that makes you who you are!



You put your social life on hold
You are so addicted to your partner that you focus on him and his life, neglecting your own social connections.


You don’t have your own opinion
You’re always looking at him for the opinion on this or that matter. You have trouble forming your own opinions and making decisions because in a co-dependent relationship you mostly rely on the other person in all matters and it becomes a habit that is hard to ditch. Don’t rush into conclusions when you are asked about something, take a minute and try to figure out whether this is what you truly think, or is this your partner whispering into your ear?


You focus only on his future plans
If you’re putting your dreams and career on hold for your partner to act out his plans, this means you are stuck in a co-dependent relationship. Do you have a say when the two of you are planning your future or are you just going along with what he wants? Take a step back and think what is it you were dreaming about before you got into a relationship. You’ll probably find out this is not what you’re doing right now!


You’re afraid to express negative emotions
Whether it’s anger or just annoyance, you never feel safe bringing those things up. If you don’t feel like you can express all those emotions freely and openly, we have bad news for you, this relationship is co-dependent. Supressing your emotions will send you down the rabbit hole of depression and low self-esteem.


You define yourself by the way he sees you
Once you stop accessing your own worth according to what you think is good, bad, precious, or beautiful, and start defining yourself by the way he sees you, this means you’re in big trouble. You self-worth doesn’t depend on what other people think or say about you. You should restore the connection to your inner self by nurturing and praising yourself.


You’re afraid to be alone
In co-dependent relationships partners can’t bear the thought of ending up alone or spending a considerable amount of time apart. They cling to each other because it feels safe and that’s the only way they know how to “fill the void” they constantly feel inside themselves.