7 Signs You’re Staying In An Unhappy Relationship

When you’re unhappy it might be difficult to tell what’s really causing it. Is it the stress from job, a lack of sleep, you ignoring your goals and dreams, or is it actually the relationship you are in? It is probably a mix of different factors, but there are a few red flags you should look out for if everything in your life seems quite alright, and yet, once you get back home to your significant other, you suddenly start feeling down. Here are 7 signs you’re staying in an unhappy relationship.



You don’t feel you’re being yourself
As cheesy as it may sound, being yourself is extremely important no matter what you do – ballet, sports, paper cranes… or relationship. If you’re happy at your core just being you, then most definitely you will also be happy in a relationship. But if you feel like you have to make excuses (for him or yourself) and compromises all the time, this means there’s trouble in paradise.



You don’t trust him
If you don’t trust your partner, this means he doesn’t trust you, and vice versa. If you find yourself cyber-stalking your partner or looking through his phone while he’s in the shower – we have bad news for you. If there is no trust, there’s no respect either. And no happy relationship is possible without that. Stop for a second and just think what went wrong. Maybe you can still make things right!


Your home life is depressing
We get it, there are good and bad days in every household, but if you’re constantly dreading going back home because of some unresolved issues you’re having with your partner or because you’re feeling uneasy in general, well, it means your relationship is far from perfect. Home is the place where you can relax and be yourself, do your favourite things and spend precious time with your partner. If none of those things are happening, it’s time to face the truth.


You feel you’ll be happier living without your partner
If there’s ever a red flag that points to unhappy relationship, it’s this one. If your dreams don’t take you and your partner on a remote exotic island somewhere warm and tropical, but rather you imagine just living alone at your own home and that seems to be enough to finally make you happy… well, chances are your relationship has hit a dead end and something needs to be done about it.


You get irritated by your partner constantly
If you can’t remember the last time when you laughed together and you get annoyed by everything your partner does – things aren’t going smooth, that’s for sure. You need to be careful not to project your unhappiness with life (or yourself) onto your partner and your relationship. But if you feel like everything else is in check and this person you’re sharing your life with is the only thing that doesn’t seem right – it’s best to end this mutual torture as fast as possible.


You don’t want to commit
The desire to commit in one way or another comes naturally when you’re engaged in happy relationship. If the thought of marriage or living together for another couple of months seems utterly dreadful to you, it’s a sure sign that your relationship is far from healthy. Time to have a serious talk with your partner!


You only think about the past
The good old days were so romantic and passionate, right? If past is the only thing you can think about and the reality of present day gives you headache – we hate to bring it to you, but your relationship is in bad shape. Living with the memories of the past can become a great escape if you’re afraid or not willing to deal with the issues at hand. But we assure you things are only going to get worse, so it’s time to sort things out with your partner.