8 Signs of a Soul Mate

Ladies, don’t you just love when your guy leaves the toilet seat up? Gentlemen, is there anything cuter than when your Significant Other is clearly upset but refuses to admit it? Sarcasm aside, these are just a couple of examples of the frustrations that you will undoubtedly encounter when you are in a relationship. But let’s face it, no relationship is ever going to be perfect because we are all by nature flawed. Of course, that does not mean we cannot strive to find that Special Someone to be our soul mate. Have you found yours? Here are 8 Signs of a Soul Mate:



1. Your Soul Mate Accepts You For Who You Are
A major problem that dooms a lot of relationships is the notion that the couple need to change each other. This could include anything from insisting that the Significant Other make different fashion choices to demanding major personality changes. Whether it is preferring jeans over tight-fitting dresses or having the personality of introvert rather than a social butterfly, a true soul mate would never ask you to change. In fact, they fully embrace who you are.



2. Your Soul Mate Never Leaves You Guessing
Frustrated because you can never figure out how your boyfriend/girlfriend is feeling? Not sure why they are upset, and yet when you ask they insist everything is fine when clearly it isn’t? A soul mate would always be straight up with you because he/she understands that the key to a successful, loving relationship is the ability to be open and honest about what is bothering them. Once you know, you can work together to resolve every issue no matter how big or small.

3. Your Soul Mate Is Willing to Agree to Disagree
There is no such thing as a relationship in which the couple agree on everything 100% of the time. You might hold a very strong position on a particular issue while your partner takes a completely opposition view. But rather than letting these differences of opinion come between the relationship and create perpetual tension, a real soul mate understands that, ultimately, sometimes it is best to just accept that there will not always be agreement. As Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers once sang, “You like to-may-toes, I like to-mah-toes.”

4. Your Soul Mate Might Not Always Like You, But Always Loves You
Contrary to popular belief, an ideal relationship is not one that is free of arguments. You will get on each others nerves from time to time. It could be the result of work-related stress, raising children together or even a culmination of little irritants that boil over and trigger a release of anger. But the mark of a true soul mate is recognizing that even if he/she might not always like you at a particular moment, they are able to separate it from their feeling of love for you, which is something that never weavers.



5. Your Soul Mate Believes in Mutual Satisfaction
A healthy, active sex life is essential in a relationship. It serves as a reminder of love and attraction, relieves stress and simultaneously maintains an emotional and physical bond that every relationship requires. Naturally, a soul mate understands that the key to good sex is ensuring that both partners are satisfied. In other words, it is never just about fulfilling his/her sexual gratification.

6. Your Soul Mate Embraces Your Physical Flaws
You might feel a bit self-conscious about cellulite on your thighs, a big scar on your arm or a mole on your forehead, but rest assured, no soul mate would ever find any issue with your physical flaws. In fact, he/she understands and appreciates that beauty is in life’s imperfections. So you should too!

7. Your Soul Mate Encourages Your Hobbies/Interests
Do you enjoy painting, making pottery or jogging? If your partner understands the joy that your hobbies bring you, you might just have found your soul mate! No soul mate would ever suggest that you are wasting your time if you enjoy these activities. In fact, they would enthusiastically serve as your #1 cheerleader as you are pursuing a certain goal and always demonstration an appreciation for your talents (or even lack-thereof!). In fact, they might even take up the hobby themselves!

8. Your Soul Mate Forgoes Any Feeling of Jealousy
Trust is extremely important for any relationship to be successful. A soul mate realises that fully trusting a partner means not allowing him/herself to give in to jealousies. If your partner remains open, discusses anxieties related to the relationship and understands that the couple does not have to spend every single moment of free time with each other, you have likely found your soul mate!