8 Tips on How to Get a Guy’s Attention on Instagram

Getting a guy’s attention on Instagram is a tricky thing. First of all you never want to see too desperate and just spam them. But also, just going straight for DMs with a “Hi there!” can be rather pointless, especially if you don’t know him or he has a large following. Sliding into DM’s is a delicate thing and you need to do it with caution and finesse. But don’t worry, we have some foolproof ways in which you can get his attention on Instagram so keep on reading.



1. Be Subtle
You don’t want to come on too strong right away and just go through their entire feed liking every single picture. It’s weird, it’s creepy, he’ll think you’re some weird fan and ignore you from that point on. The goal is to like a couple of their pictures intermittently. Like maybe follow them for a while, like every other one, or better yet, just the ones that really stand out to you. You want him to notice you, but also don’t give away the fact that you’re interested.



2. Comment With Intention
There’s no point in commenting on someone’s post with just an emoji. No one takes that seriously, it’s basically like spam. So comment sparingly and only when you actually have something to say. And by “have something to say” we mean make a witty reference to something in the photo. Definitely don’t comment “omg ur so hot”, have some class, girl.

3. Respond To Stories
Another good way to get a person’s attention on Instagram is to respond to their stories. But again, you need to do this with purpose. Don’t just write “hey cutie”, no one will respond to that. Instead ask about the song in the instastory (if it’s not already tagged, obviously), you’re much more likely to get their attention that way.

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