9 Things Men Think We Care About But We Actually Don’t

When it comes to relationships men are just as insecure as women tend to be. Sometimes even more! And we are not only talking about the eternal issue of ‘size that matters’, but other things as well. For example, did you know that some guys seriously believe that if they don’t like the music you listen to, your relationships are doomed? And that if he’s not present on FB like a Hollywood superstar, chances are you won’t hang out with him at all. Oh, and there’s the sports issue as well – like, if he casually drops the info about him being a soccer player back in high school, that’s supposed to take our breaths away. Well, with some women it might work, but the general rule is – it doesn’t. Here are 9 weird, funny, and casual things men think we care about, but we actually don’t.



Extra Pounds
It seems there are two types of guys: those who are super confident about themselves despite being bold, obese, or feeble, and those who start freaking out over those few extra pounds they’ve gained during winter. Well, guys, we’ll let you in on a little secret – we couldn’t care less! In fact, we care about our own extra weight much more than we do about men’s! Plus, some extra pounds only make a guy look and feel cuddlier.



If He’s Brave or Not
We believe that it’s time to ditch the ‘White Knight’ syndrome and let it rest once and for all. Male (often absurd) bravery has been glamorized long enough in the media, leading many guys to believe that’s exactly how they should act to impress a lady. Well, some women are doing a pretty good job of taking care of themselves on their own, while others can even save a few damsels in distress themselves (thanks, Diana Prince). It’s not necessary to play Batman or Superman in a dangerous situation, it will only put you in harm’s way!

How Much Money He Makes
You can be a king and have tons of gold hidden in your closet, but that doesn’t really mean anything when it comes to personality and those other qualities that make women fall for guys. Of course there are gold diggers who don’t even consider dating a man who earns less than Mark Zuckerberg, but the rest of us women don’t really care if you earn less than we do. After all, we are living in a modern world and not everything revolves around money.

Taste in Music
Some guys really think that women wouldn’t date them because of their taste in music. It’s the weirdest thing ever! Of course, it’s cool when people have similar taste regarding what they listen to in their spare time, but it’s such a subjective thing that you can’t simply make your relationships depend on it. You also don’t have to be paranoid about not liking all the music your girl listens to, or vice versa. Just chill!



Whether He Works Out a Lot
It’s good if you like to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself fit, but it’s not the best idea to start bragging about it to impress the woman you’re dating. Everyone has that one CrossFit friend who makes daily posts about his gym regimen, while taking photos of a special diet that will make him or her super thin in no time, so we don’t really want to hear all that from you, too. Especially on a date! If you’re in good shape, we’ll notice that for sure.

His Ex-Girlfriend
Most people have exes – it’s natural if you’ve dated at least once or twice. But the thing is, self-confident women don’t really care if a guy is still friends with his ex, in fact, it’s good if he still is! It’s a sign of healthy relationships that ended mutually and on good terms. So why should we bother? Of course, there are those more possessive women that will start asking questions, but in general we don’t really care. Unless, of course, a guy starts calling all his exes ‘crazy’ or worse – that’s a red flag he’s not a good relationship material, oh no.

Grey in His Hair
Surprisingly, guys worry about grey hair just as much as women do. But why? ‘Salt and pepper’ hair looks incredibly stylish and has ‘dashing’ written all over it. Don’t believe us? Just look at the aging Hollywood stars and you’ll see how good it looks on them. Yes, they are stars, but they are still human, right? And we, women, happen to love that aura of sophistication that surrounds a slightly grey-ish man. Young guys just don’t have that!



Who could have thought that in the era when nerds and geeks rule the modern culture glasses are still considered an issue? But for many guys it actually is! If you’re self-conscious about glasses, just remember Clark Kent – he used them as a disguise to look smart and, well, less like himself (which didn’t work out that well, but we’ll forgive him for that). Guys in glasses tend to look smart and with a variety of frames you can turn your glasses into an incredible statement piece. Use them to your advantage!

What Movies He Likes
Just as it is with music, it’s great when people have similar taste in movies, but it doesn’t have to be that way in order to have a successful relationship (or just a single date, for that matter). Some guys are crazy about The Notebook, while some girls can re-watch the whole Die Hard franchise endlessly. So what if you don’t want to watch that old French movie with us? We wouldn’t want you to suffer through a movie you aren’t interested in just to please us. We can always find some common ground when it comes to movies, it’s not that hard at all.