Guys Reveal the 12 Things They Do If They Aren’t Interested In You

Have a crush on a neighbor, co-worker, or classmate? In an ideal world, he would be just as interested in you as you are in him. But unfortunately we live in the real world, which means the feelings aren’t always mutual. We asked a panel of guys about how they behave when they just aren’t that into you and here are just a few of their responses. Pay attention ladies!



1. He Never Makes Himself Available To See You
You’re dying to have an afternoon coffee with him, but he already has plans. You ask him if he wants to get a cocktail in the evening, but he already has plans. You want to know if he would be interested in a morning walk, but he already…okay, you get the point. Or at least you should. If a guy is literally never available to meet you, it probably speaks less about his busy schedule and more about his lack of interest in you.



2. He Asks You For Relationship Advice…About Other Girls
He really wants to make the relationship work. Pretty sweet, yeah? Sorry, this wasn’t in reference to the two of you. There’s a girl that he likes and he was hoping maybe you could help him capture her heart. He may very well respect you, but he definitely doesn’t see you as anything more than friendship material.

3. He Never Takes the Initiative to Call You
You call him on a regular basis to chit-chat, but you notice that he never reciprocates. Let’s face it: if a guy is interested in you, you will never find yourself in one of those one-way communication situations. Even if he is more or less happy to receive your call, a guy who never takes the time to call you up first is not looking for a relationship.



4. He Shows No Interest In Your Daily Life
He is friendly, but he never seems curious about what you’ve been up to. He’s not interested in your hobbies, who you hang out with, or whether you have siblings. He certainly doesn’t care if you are in a relationship.

5. He Makes No Effort To Impress You
When a guy truly likes you, he will go out of his way to make you like him. It could be through his style of dress, the cologne he is wearing around you, or his incredible, encyclopedic knowledge about topics that are of interest to you. But if he dresses sloppy or otherwise does nothing to positively set himself apart from other potential suitors, it means he doesn’t consider you a potential suitor to begin with.



6. He Ignores Your Event/Party Invitations
You’ve got a birthday party coming up and you send him a text asking him if he wants to hit the clubs with you and your friends. He either ignores your message or waits until your birthday is over to “apologize” for not responding earlier. If he is willing to do this, he does not aspire to be your boyfriend. (But to be perfectly frank, would you even want to date such a guy?)

7. He Never Laughs At Your Jokes
You might take pride in your witty sense of humor, but for some reason he isn’t digging it. If he never seems to find any amusement in your jokes or funny stories, there is a good chance that he is purposely wants to avoid creating any type of bond with you. A lack of an emotional connection means he doesn’t want to date you.



8. He Forgets The Conversations You’ve Had
You tell him about how much fun you had at the Maroon 5 concert the previous night and he’s like, “Oh, you went to their concert? That’s really cool.” And you’re all, “Um…I’d mentioned this to you before.” If he constantly forgets things you’ve talked about – especially stuff that is important to you – he does not see you in his romance plans.

9. He Acts Annoyed If You Ask to Borrow Something
A guy who secretly wants to be with you would be willing to bend over backwards to gain your affection. This includes helping you out and even lending you things. But if you ask to borrow something and he either responds with annoyance or impatiently asks you when you intend to return it, he clearly does not see you as his dream girl.



10. He Avoids Showing Any Physical Affection
It is obvious that a guy who is into a girl will flirt with her. This could involve touching her on the arm or giving her a long, affectionate hug upon greeting. If he is keeping his distance by not showing any kind of affection, you can be certain that he isn’t interested.

11. He Never Buys You Anything (Or Gives Lame Gifts At Best)
A guy who is seeking to attract a girl might buy her something like a t-shirt or perhaps even a pleasant-smelling hand lotion. If he isn’t buying you anything or gets you something useless, he doesn’t see you as someone he would want to be with long-term.



12. He Responds to Your Achievements With Indifference
Did you finish the semester with a 4.0 GPA? Did you make the dance squad? Did you successfully pass a job interview? If you’ve accomplished something and he doesn’t seem to care, you can be certain that he is not the guy for you.