How To Be A Perfect Girlfriend/Wife – 12 Simple Tricks


Relationships are never easy – they take hard work. But you can make sure you’re doing your part by trying to check at least three of the below points off your list, and your man will feel the positive vibes ten-fold.



1. Never be passive aggressive – it will be the downfall of your relationship. Instead, ensure proper communication and a straight-forward manner of doing things. Don’t make him play guessing games when something is wrong.


2. Show your appreciation! Whether it’s an expensive date night, or just taking out the trash, if your man puts in effort in your relationship, not only should you reciprocate, but make sure he feels the love!

3. Respect your man, and yourself. Low self esteem will make you a worse partner. Respect might seem like a formality, but it’s necessary in every step of your relationship.


4. Let him have his independence and space. But same goes for your own! If you give each other sufficient space, getting through milestones like moving in together and marriage will become a lot less scary.

5. Take care of yourself – just because you’re comfy in a long term relationship doesn’t mean you need to stop maintaining appearances. Keep at the grooming, blow outs, and skincare that gives you that ultra glow. And please don’t stop shaving your legs!


6. Don’t be high maintenance or a drama queen. If something doesn’t work out in a situation, learn how to be adaptable. Tackling issues together will bring you closer, but complaining and whining about it is a fight waiting to happen.

7. Realize boundaries still exist no matter snow close you are or how long you’ve been together. Boundaries are essential so that he understands what your no-go zone is, and same for you. No boundaries can lead to clinginess and control problems.


8. Be a great conversationalist. Men are always intrigued by a woman that they can just talk for hours with, about anything and everything. If you have dinner and all your hear is crickets, that relationship probably won’t last much longer.

9. Let your man be himself, and make sure to be yourself at all times. Accepting someone for their true selves and vice versa is the key to being happy in your relationship. You can only pretend you’re someone else, or try to change someone for so long before it backfires.


10. Learn how to cook! Help your man be healthy, remember the way to his heart is his stomach, in most cases. Cooking is a great way to make him fresh, healthy food that’s probably more impressive than his current eating habits, and cooking together is a sensual bonding experience.

11. Surprise him with little things every now and then. Just like a guy might bring you flowers or a yummy chocolate treat to remind you how special you are to him, you can surprise him with treats as well (bedroom favors don’t count.) What about some new joggers or that beard oil he’s had his eye on?


12. Show him tough love, but don’t be a nag. And yes, there’s a difference. Nagging is exhausting and just makes people feel bad about themselves, whereas tough love helps him become a better person and just delivers the hard-hitting facts in an honest way.