Spring Wedding Ideas


Spring Wedding IdeasYour wedding day is a special day every girl has dreamed about since her childhood. If you are getting ready to go down the aisle and haven’t set a wedding date yet, you definitely need to think about spring time. It is an amazing and probably the most colorful season. Spring is like a breath of fresh air after winter darkness and cold. It is finally warm, sun is shining, birds are singing… The weather in March is unpredictable, the months of April and May are a great time to celebrate your big day. Planning a wedding is not actually an easy task, but everything is possible if you have a clear understanding of exactly what you want. If you are still in the initial stages of thinking (dreaming) about your wedding , check out our article and get inspired!



Spring Wedding IdeasMost brides choose a natural wedding makeup to look exquisite and sensitive. But spring is a sunny and shiny season, think about adding a bright zest to your image, for example red lipstick or dark smoky eye makeup. You may be surprised to find out that a brighter, contrasting makeup makes girls look better in photos.



Spring Wedding IdeasWhen it comes to spring, the number of flowers is just uncountable, you can choose any flowers you want for your bouquet and décor, from peonies and roses to tulips and hydrangeas. Remember that your bouquet should show the main color and style of your wedding. If you want your main wedding color to be blue, stick to blue flowers first, if you want it to be red – stick to red etc. The best way to underline the main color is to combine it with pastel shades.



Spring Wedding IdeasEvery detail of your wedding will be captured on camera, that’s why decorations are very important. Your main goal here is to choose décor items that will make a great combo combination when brought together. If you want your wedding to be in a rustic style better avoid vintage, dated items. If you want your wedding to have a vintage feel, avoid rustic elements etc. You should not forget about color. If your main color is bright (pink, orange, blue, violet) do not overdo it. You want to temper the brights some with beige to bring it into perspective.



Spring Wedding IdeasWedding arches are considered to be a “door” to married life. But who said you should use an exact arch? You can experiment with this item and make it look the way you want. Many couples use real doors, arbors, or decorate trees with strips and Mason jars as the place for the ceremony. Your wedding fantasy has no boundaries, so it’s up to you to decide what “door” to choose.



Spring Wedding IdeasWhen it comes to photo sessions you should remember that finding a professional photographer is unbelievably important. No weather and other circumstances can spoil your wedding shots if your photographer knows how to do his or her job well. In spring almost any place outdoor is great for photo sessions since the nature will give you its breathtaking blossoming beauty.



Spring Wedding IdeasIt’s spring outside, so it works well to add bright colors to your wedding cake. The wedding cake should follow the theme you’ve initiated with the flowers (similar colors), with maybe even a light-weight wreath or segment of flowers that can be easily removed at the time you are ready to take that ceremonial bite of cake with your mate. Flowers and butterflies will work well for toppings on your cake as well.



Spring Wedding IdeasTwilight as it moves into night is the most romantic time of the day. So, how about to add ambiance? Try something simple and practical by using candles. Image how romantic you and your new husband will look dancing among the flowers and candles. Marvelous! Your guests will be charmed with this easy touch of natural light. It’s cozy ambiance for your special day.