The 9 Fittest Couples on Instagram


They say when you’ve been dating someone for a while, you gain a little something called “relationship weight”. Well, these super fit couples prove to us that isn’t a thing. These couples use fitness to motivate each other, and keep the flame in their relationship alive. See how you can do the same with these inspirational partnerships filled with abs and PDA.



1. These partners in crime are traveling vegan AcroYoga instructors. Definitely couple goals. Some of these poses look very Cirque du Soleil and we’d be hesitant to try them with bae, but at least we can use Liz and Max as inspiration! Their matching colorful leggings are our favorite.



2. Amanda and Jesper have insane bodies, and are very dedicated to their fitness hustle! The Swedish couple apparently met on Tinder, bonded over being vegetarians and gym-heads, and now post their picturesque images working out which make them look like Ken and Barbie, fitness edition!



3. These guys have broken into the fitness industry in NYC, a daunting task, and are absolutely thriving in it! They work with Barry’s Bootcamp, and post awesome pro tips (along with non fitness pics like their cute baby in a pizza onesie). The guy is a silver fox, and the gal is also a babe, and their muscle definition is even more impressive in their HD shots!

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