Unexpected Confessions: 9 Guys Reveal Their Biggest Turn-Ons


Most women think turning a guy on is relatively easy – just reveal some of that stunning cleavage and move like a feline, and he’s all yours. While that may be true in some cases, it would be a mistake to think that all guys fall for the same things. In fact, their turn-ons can be quite ‘ordinary’ and not at all related to sex. Well, at least not directly. Many guys have their own special turn-ons that can be funny, adorable and absolutely weird. Both men and women have things that really get them going and it’s not always about going to bed. There are more innocent, simpler things like a girl’s laugh, her intelligence and even modesty (yes, guys still think that’s attractive). Here are 9 unexpected confessions about men’s biggest turn-ons.



When she laughs at his jokes
It’s not always about being sexy and rocking a short skirt. Some guys just like to hear a girl laugh at their jokes! Girls just look so coy and playful when they look up at guys, still smiling, with a wicked sparkle in their eyes. It’s super exciting and guys confess that it can be a major turn-on. Playfulness is the key!



The bathroom smell after his girl takes a shower
And we mean it in a totally non-gross way! One guy confessed that the bathroom smell after his girl took a shower just made his heart beat faster. While he himself thought it might be a bit weird, it’s not at all that surprising if you come to think of it. Girls tend to use some really nice-smelling shower products, and that very personal scent is immediately recognized by a man as the one belonging to his woman. Human beings have a lot of senses – why shouldn’t smell be arousing? Thinking a smell is ‘hot’ is just as normal as admiring a girl’s neckline!

A beautiful voice
Okay, voice is really important – there’s no denying that. It’s not only about the girl’s appearance but also about the way she sounds! This might be the last thing you think of when going on a date, but it’s actually pretty important to guys. We are attracted to certain frequencies and vibrations, and it is different for each and every one of us, like it is with a natural body smell of a person – you either completely fall for it or you don’t. Some guys fall in love via their ears, but that’s not something you can control. But if you have a beautiful voice, your chances of finding a boyfriend are probably higher than other women.

When she can hold a conversation
Brainy is the new sexy – at least some men believe it to be true. Intelligence may not be the ultimate turn-on for the majority of guys, but most of them would still appreciate a girl who’s smart and can hold a conversation. You can’t get into a relationship with a person you can’t talk to, and for some guys talking is ideal foreplay. Some of them are really into geeky girls that have read everything there is to read. Just be careful not to outsmart him – the male ego rarely takes it lightly. Other than that, don’t be shy to reveal your intelligence, because men tend to find it beautiful.



Modesty and confidence
That’s a tricky combo, but it actually makes sense when you come to think of it. Confident women always draw attention whether they are dressed like hot chicks or just go on their everyday business wearing jeans and sneakers. It doesn’t matter! Girls that ooze confidence immediately catch men’s attention and get them interested because it’s no easy prey and men really like to ‘hunt’ women, metaphorically speaking. Then there’s modesty because when a woman is overly confident and not modest, she can turn out to be a bit (or very) bitchy. And while that may still be attractive to some, it’s a relationship killer in the long run. Modest girls know who they are and don’t need to show it off to the whole world. They are content being themselves, and that’s something many guys find irresistible.

Many guys admit that this type of dress is incredibly attractive because it is both sexy and conservative. It’s not always about revealing garments and lots of cleavage, although many guys will still find that hot too. Others will choose elegance over exposure, and that’s something all women can appreciate. It’s good to know that there are men like that! Sometimes it’s best to leave some stuff to the imagination instead of revealing all your assets at once.

When a girl’s reading a book at a party
This one’s a bit strange because, really, who would go to a party with a book in her purse? If you want to read, you just stay at home and read, but when you want to party – you get your best dress on and go there to have some fun. Of course, you can end up at a party accidentally and get bored, but we don’t imagine that’s something that happens to many people frequently, especially with girls and books. Nevertheless, a few guys named it as a major turn-on, which means this is something that actually happens in real life. Go figure!



Ginger hair and freckles
There’s no denying the fact that gingers are memorable and, well, attractive. They just look so fiery! No wonder that many guys are drawn to this combination of pale skin with freckles and fiery red hair. Redheads are somewhat an endangered species, as there aren’t too many of them in the world. Thus, many guys consider redheads a rare treat and fall for girls with crimson hair as soon as they see them. Well, these girls are really lucky because they don’t really need to do anything apart from being their true redhead selves.

Collar bones
Kinks come in all shapes and sizes, and some guys admit that they get turned on by simply looking at women’s collar bones. They don’t really specify what it is that makes collar bones so hot, but we all have some body parts that we find really attractive – like a gorgeous neckline or full lips. So, for a certain percentage of guys it’s collar bones and that’s great to hear because all women have them, which means that it’s a turn-on that comes naturally – just don’t cover your collar bones up with sweaters and you’re good to go!