A Wedding Next To An Erupting Volcano

Many people believe their wedding day to be the most important day of their life, so they plan in carefully months, sometimes years in advance so that they can get the perfect location or venue, the best food services and waiters, their dream photographer, the most talented florist, the most stunning decorations, etc. They plan the date far in advance so that every one of their guests can make it and share this special day with them. They order custom made dresses and suits, they get their hair and makeup done. And after all, is planned and set into motion all that’s left is to pray that everything goes according to plan. But what do you do if the volcano located nearby your wedding location chooses to erupt on the day of your wedding?

That’s exactly what happened to Chino Vaflor and Kat Bautista Palomar on their wedding day.

They were supposed to have their wedding ceremony about 10 km away from one of the Philippines’ most active volcanoes – Taal. It was on the day of the ceremony, at around 2 pm, while the last preparations were going on and finishing touches were being made that they noticed something wasn’t right.

There was a cloud of smoke erupting from the volcano. Most people when seeing something like this would just leave. But Chino and Kat chose to just go about their day like nothing’s wrong. It was their wedding day and nothing was about to stand in the way of that.

Within hours the Philippines’ authorities warned the public that a volcanic eruption was possible in the next hours to a few days and set the alarm to the second-highest level. People were urged to leave the 14 km radius of the volcano, and even though the wedding was taking place within that radius, the bride and groom and all their guests decided to stay.

It was a small intimate ceremony, so their closest friends and family didn’t panic and didn’t feel like they had to rush. The ceremony took place against the backdrop of a volcano erupting smoke. They felt dust particles rain on their clothes. The pictures their wedding photographer took are phenomenal. The guest also had a fun time sharing the photos they snapped on social media. Not only did they go along with the ceremony they even had the afterparty in the evening, when a storm was brewing and the skies looked even more menacing yet stunning at the same time. It was definitely a day to remember.

The next day the volcano become even more active and actual rivers of lava were seen erupting from the volcano. By that time everyone was gone from the location and safely returned home.