10 DIY Homemade Sea Salt Scrubs Recipes

Why spend your hard earned paycheck on expensive body scrubs when you probably already have the ingredients to make your own? Sea salt is the secret ingredient to revealing silky smooth skin that’s softer than a baby’s bottom – here are our favorite recipes to try out ASAP.

Lemon thyme body scrub

This scrub is fast and takes no time to make but smells like something expensive on the shelves of L’Occitane. With just the juice of a lemon, organic olive oil, sea salt and a touch of thyme, you can experience radiant skin and antibacterial, exfoliating, and moisturizing benefits.

Honey oatmeal salt scrub

If you ever thought that raw sea salt was a little harsh to the skin, the addition of oatmeal make this extra soothing, fighting inflammation and redness. Add the powers of honey and apple cider vinegar to that mix and you have a year-round, foolproof solution to dry or blemished skin.

Sea salt and sugar scrub

This scrub combines two powerhouses: sea salt and raw sugar. These two ingredients blend with brown sugar and coconut oil for a delicious and nutritious full body treatment.

Lavender vanilla scrub

Sub sea salt for sugar in this lavender vanilla scrub and you’ll be feeling (and smelling) like a fairy for the rest of the day. Better yet, try it before bed for a calming send-off to la-la land.

Himalayan salt scrub

Himalayan salt is even better than sea salt, especially when it’s combined with invigorating grapefruit and mint. It contains Castile soap that cleanses as it hydrates, filling your nose with blissful essential oil aromas.

Shimmering sea salt scrub

This scrub is filled with hydrating shea butter and coconut oil, but best of all, it has the addition of blue-green coloring and Gold Mica to give a mermaid inspired shimmer and dreamy blue tint.

Charcoal body scrub

Nothing pairs better with sloughing off dead skin than a detoxifying bonus thanks togged activated charcoal. Blending the black miracle-worker with coconut or olive oil and sea salt makes for a decadent body scrub.

Charcoal body scrub | 10 DIY Homemade Sea Salt Scrubs Recipes | Her Beauty

Peppermint salt scrub

In a couple of months, peppermint will be all over cafes and stores, so why not get ahead start and whip up this peppermint salt scrub? Even in the summer, mint of any kind is always refreshing!

Lime and coconut salt scrub

You can smell better than a margarita with this lime and coconut salt scrub that combines zingy citrus with tropical notes. Experience all the benefits of lime as it scrubs away dead cells to reveal a youthful new layer.

Body scrub cubes with green tea and ginger

What’s the future of body scrubs? DIU body scrub cubes, of course. These magical squares are filled with soothing ingredients such as ginger, coconut oil and green tea which both relaxes you and reawakens your inner glow.