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Why you should keep a lemon in your bedroom 

Lemons are undoubtedly one of the most useful fruits to ever exist. There are so many uses for lemons, from boosting your health to aiding in household chores. Want some invigorating water to enjoy? Add in some lemon slices. Need to clean your kitchen? Lemons to the rescue! But did you know that there is use for lemons in your bedroom?

Top 10 Ways To Use Christmas Lights All Year Long

This is the season, but as soon as the winter and holidays wrap up, people start taking down their holiday lights. These lights add such an ambiance and charm to any street, and it’s a shame that they’re bundled up as soon as the cold weather goes away.

Gigi Hadid Designed Her Own Awesome New York Apartment

Gigi Hadid says she designed everything in her New York apartment herself, with an occasional pointer from her mother. She captioned the photos saying that she actually spent most of 2019 designing her new home. It was her passion project and she wanted to make it her dream home.