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9 Best Houseplants for Good Feng Shui


Plants always help create a peaceful and calm atmosphere at home, keeping us connected to nature and our true selves. But their powers go beyond simply creating a good mood and cleaning the air – according to Feng Shui, plants possess positive energy chi that can influence not only the way you feel at home but your whole life as well! Here are 9 best houseplants for good Feng Shui.

Jade Plant

To attract wealth into your life, put as many jade plants as you can into your home. The Chinese believe that jade plants, also known as Crassula ovata, attract wealth into their life, especially when put into the ‘wealth corner’ of the house. According to Feng Shui, your whole living space has special areas that correspond with different aspects of life. Putting plants in those areas will bring a flow of positive energy that will strengthen your wealth, luck, prosperity, and creativity.


Bamboo has positive energy that promotes growth in all aspects of your life. You can put from five to nine sprigs of bamboo in a vase in different parts of your house that correspond with your wealth, vitality, creativity, and overall luck.


Orchids are known as a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and creativity. Their gentle energy makes them perfect for the bedroom to create calm and peaceful energy. You can put yellow orchids in the health area of your house, pink ones are perfect for the love area, while purple orchids create good vibes in the wealth area.


Sage is the ultimate purifier when it comes to allergens and all kinds of bad energies. It’s been used to clean houses and living spaces for centuries all over the world. Growing sage at home is a great way to have your very own cleanser that works wonders for the energy of your house. You can grow it in a pot and then dry some to burn as incense.


Peace Lily

Peace lily is one of those low-maintenance plants that look great and do a great job at canceling harmful compounds present in the air we breathe. Peace lily also cleans out allergens, so it’s good to have at least one such plant inside your house.


Fern is one of those low-maintenance plants that look great and help create more than just a few positive vibes. They look especially good in hanging planters and can be put anywhere in the house. You can use them to cancel the negative energy of the corners in your house. In Feng Shui, corners are believed to be ‘poison arrows’ and a person could easily start feeling bad while standing facing the corner. They also collect the negative energy of the house, which means placing a plant there will definitely help negate all those harmful effects.

Orange Tree

Citrus trees are known to bring immense luck, being the source of abundance in all areas of life. You can grow an orange tree on your patio, balcony, or even outdoors. Just make sure you place it in the correct area of your living space that corresponds with your wealth and health. Citrus trees can grow large and it’s a true blessing when they start bearing fruit.


Peonies look lovely and can attract love into your life. They bloom with beautiful fragrant flowers that come in all shades of white and pink, which makes them a perfect outdoor plant if you want to bring some gentleness into your life. They bloom in late spring and it will take them a few years to bloom if you plant them in front of your home. Once they establish, they will bloom beautifully every spring.


Aloe can be used as a medicine or a beauty product, but it also has great cleansing properties when it simply grows in a pot. It purifies the air we breathe, deals with all kinds of toxins, and keeps the environment fresh. You can put it in the bathroom to amplify the healing properties of your living space.