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14 Bathroom Trends You’ll Want To Try In Your Home This Year


Since many people haven’t been able to travel until recently, many have instead been completing home renovations for the ultimate staycation. Many bathrooms need freshening up or a total makeover. From space-saving hacks to breathtaking design details, here are the top bathroom trends of 2021 that will turn your washroom into a total oasis.

1. Farmhouse chic

This look blends rustic with modern and some industrial elements, if that’s your thing. Think wood and matte black finishes. A leaning ladder mirror is also fabulous for this look, and allows you to have more storage space for blankets, robes, or towels. Consider an earthy tile like hexagons rather than clean subway tile. 

2. Brass hardware

Brass hardware is so versatile — especially with a printed wallpaper or another eccentric detail. Brass is warm but modern. It’s great for layering with other aspects, tying together busy or seemingly unrelated themes. Consider pairing brass mirror frames, faucets, and drawer handles with a graphic tile or vivid wallpaper.

3. Pop of color

Neutrals are a sure way to make your bathroom elegant and expensive looking, but it can also get a little boring. To make your restroom more cheerful, consider a pop of papaya, emerald, or sunny yellow. It’s crazy how just an inexpensive paint job can liven up a space!

4. Texture, texture, texture

Bathrooms can sometimes feel flat with the lack of texture. Sure, you can go matte, or shiny, but those are still both pretty basic. Consider integrating a wooden, ridged vanity, or wood pieces with a live edge. You can also try different architectural treatments for the wall, like paneling in a swoon-worthy color. 

5. Get eclectic with it

It can be tempting to go matchy-matchy in a bathroom, but consider channeling your inner interior designer (and wild side) with an unusual mix of materials that you wouldn’t normally think of putting together. We’re thinking of lavish chandeliers with funky tile and an angled tub.

6. Statement tub

There’s nothing more luxurious than a sculpture-like, freestanding tub to command attention, and make for a decadent bubble bath. Consider surrounding it with dark and romantic styles for a dynamic look. When buying a tub, keep an eye out for unusual colors or shapes to make it stand out and double as an art piece.

7. Floating vanities

Vanities can be bulky, and there’s just something about a floating counter that adds an elevated, contemporary look to any bathroom. They have crisp lines and are space-saving, with endless customization options to fit every style and provide an airy retreat-inspired look.

8. Built in shelving niche


Lack of space in your bathroom? Consider a built-in shelving niche, which can hold everything from books to grooming essentials and scented candles that you use for bath-time. These functional add-ons aren’t just practical, they’re elegant and streamlined too.

9. Smarten up

In a world that’s gradually being taken over by smart devices, why wouldn’t you smarten up your bathroom? There are mirrors with buttons that can dim, defog, and even turn the light color from warm to cool or vice versa. You can also opt for handle-free smart faucets, and smart toilets that self-clean and have touch-free flushing. 

10. Natural textures

Using natural materials can bring a sense of tranquility into a space, and forge a spa vibe. Think sand-colored back-splashes, natural wood (or wood paneled ceilings), and bamboo accents. You can even add a couple of plants in there — eucalyptus will make your shower experience life-changing. 

11. Marble it up — in different tones

While an all-marble bathroom can be overwhelming, we discovered the perfect way to tweak it into minimalist luxury. Combine marbles of different colors — for instance, you might feature white marble walls and dark marble floors, with a countertop in a different material to break up the aesthetic.

12. Backlit medicine cabinets/mirrors

What’s a bathroom without mirrors? Today, the best way to make a bathroom look modern is to integrate it with backlit mirrors. This feature allows ambient lighting minus the glare or reflection. It can even replace a nightlight and act as a piece of decor with that glowing effect, which makes it look like a floating mirror. 

13. Heated flooring

The worst part of a hot, steamy shower is having to get out and face the cold air and chilly tiles. Heated flooring solve that problem, and allow you to take your shower without your slippers or a towel to ease that chill. We suggest going with tiles from porcelain and ceramic, which are durable, hypoallergenic, and moisture resistant. 

14. Large wall tiles

Once, tiny mosaic tiles were considered the most chic addition to a bathroom. But today, bathroom walls that cover a larger surface area are gaining traction. They display fewer grout lines and look luxurious, especially when paired with a natural stone, or a material that mimics stone.