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Top 10 Actresses In Film History

There’s an inspiring group of women referred to as the best actresses in Hollywood, and they’ve earned that accolade based on their spectacular acting skills, their versatile ability to tackle any role, and, of course, the sheer number of awards they’ve collected over the years.

What Your Hairline Says About Your Ancestry

It turns out that not only is your hair type determined by your DNA, but your hairline is as well. If your hairline forms a downward v-shape towards the middle of your forehead, it’s commonly known as a widow’s peak hairline.

Patrick Swayze Gives Wife Blessing To Remarry

After “Dirty Dancing” star Patrick Swayze passed away, his wife, Lisa Niemi, was devastated. However, a dream conversation with Swayze led her on a journey that blended past and present, grief and joy, and nostalgia for her late husband with the beauty of new love.