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Stop Throwing Out Pineapple Crowns – Do This Instead!


Pineapples are a delicious tropical fruit that is Mother Nature’s gift to us, tasting even better than some calorie-laden desserts. Sweet and juicy, the pineapple can be enjoyed in muffins, parfaits, pineapple upside-down cake, or just in sliced rings on its own. This popular fruit is commonly eaten in the summer, although you can indulge in it year-round.

In previous years, you could only find the pineapple in South America. However, thanks to a variety of greenhouses and tropical plantations internationally, this fruit is a lot more accessible for people who live all around the globe. And while the peel might seem prickly and unusable to many, you can make an incredibly tasty drink from it!

So before you think about throwing away the peel or the crown of leaves, remember that it’s 100% edible and really good for you!

What to do with pineapple leaves

Hold on a second before you throw your pineapple crown in the trash! First, twist the leaves off. Don’t worry – this doesn’t require a ton of strength. Afterward, peel off the bottom three or four leaves until the middle is revealed. 

Dry the leaves

After this is done, allow the crown to dry. Once it’s been left alone and dried for two days, it’s prepped for the next step.

Get a pot of soil and plant this top part of your pineapple. You can do this by twisting the crown into the ground like a screw, doing so delicately. Bury it up to the base of the leaves.


Afterward, it’s all about maintenance. Water your new pineapple plant from above every few days – once every four to five days should suffice. Try to place the pot in a bright, indirect light source for the best results. 

Be sure not to overwater this plant since it has shallow roots and is, hence, vulnerable to root rot. Water it just once a week and wait until the soil isn’t damp anymore.

Growing your new pineapple

After two or three weeks, you’ll start seeing the leaves grow outwards. At a certain point, a stalk will start to grow out of the middle of the plant. The next step will blow your mind. Soon, you’ll start seeing a new pineapple growing. 

It begins small as a baby pineapple and slowly gets larger. So, if you want a useful and adorable source of endless tropical fruit, grow your own pineapple plant at home!

The first step of that is saving the leafy top of the next pineapple you buy. Instead of putting it in the garbage, you can have the very fulfilling experience of planting it instead and growing your own pineapple.