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10 Ways Beauty Salons Are Deceiving You


We all like going to hair salons sometimes –  to get all pampered up for a date, straighten our unruly locks, or simply get a gorgeous haircut that will make us feel better in general. But like every industry beauty salons have a dark side not many people know about. We all want to look more beautiful and some hairdressers use it to their advantage, selling us procedures that are either overpriced or not long-lasting at all. Here are 10 ways beauty salons are deceiving you.

Cutting your hair with hot scissors is one of those pricey procedures that don’t really make sense, but cost twice as much due to special thermal scissors that are used. The trick is that those scissors prevent split ends, hence the price tag. Actually, if you cut your hair regularly – you will not have those split ends, hairdresser will cut them off anyway. So why choose a pricey procedure?

Hair lamination will get you disappointed. Once the product washes out, your hair will end up looking the same way it was before the lamination. This happens incredibly fast – just in a few weeks!

Hair Botox will suck out all your money eventually because once you make the procedure, you’ll need to repeat it over and over again if you want your hair to look decent. When the product is put onto your hair it looks great, but in two-three months it washes out completely and your hair might look even worse than before. A new treatment will cost around $70, depending on your hair length. It’s a never-ending story, so if you don’t have a fortune to spend just on your hair, skip this procedure altogether.

Everyone goes for ombre styles these days – it’s even hard to tell these women apart sometimes. Solid and natural hair colours stand out more and they are much cheaper. What’s more important, they do less damage to your hair than all these complicated procedures.

Don’t believe anyone who says you can’t have healthy hair without attending beauty salons. This is simply not true! Cut your hair ends regularly, always put on some protection products before drying your hair, avoid using curling iron too often, and skip those damaging lighting procedures. You hair will look great!


Always pay attention to what your hairdresser is doing and if you’re not sure – just ask! Sometimes they might apply a hair mask you didn’t ask for or another expensive product without telling you and later they’ll tell you to pay for it. It’s best to be clear about things from the start.

Hairdressers can mess up a dying job – in this case they’ll use a tonic shampoo to fix the hue. You’ll find out about that only after you come home and wash your hair. If someone has messed up and tried to cover it up – go back to the hair salon and ask them to fix the mistake. They’re obliged to do it!

Always listen to what a hair stylist has to say about the haircut you want – maybe you hair simply doesn’t match that style. If that’s the case, better think about another hairstyle, because the haircut you want might look good in a hair salon, but what about when you wake up next morning and have to style it yourself?

Strong unnatural colours like green, violet, and blue will not stay for long and will wash out in a few weeks. The colour will become dirty and unbearable in a month and you’ll have to either redo the whole procedure or choose a more natural colour. If you choose to continue with the bright colour, please mind that your hair will become thin and very fragile as a result.

A little trick for lovers of crazy colours – get some hair extensions and dye them any colour you want! They will last long and your natural hair won’t be damaged at all.