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10 Wonderful Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tones


Creating perfect makeup for Indian skin tones can be tricky as there are a lot of things you need to consider – matching primer and concealer, a healthy skin care routine, and all those shades that look amazing with dusky skin tones. If you feel like you want to up your makeup game and learn some new things – this article is for you! Here are 10 makeup tips for Indian skin tones.

Skin Care Routine

Make sure your skin care routine is gentle and corresponds well with the seasons. Sometimes your skin needs more moisture, while other times you need some oil-based lotion. Make sure you don’t overdo your skin – create a gentle skin care routine that suits you perfectly and put just enough makeup without overdoing it.

Skin Shade

Creating a beautiful makeup that matches your skin tone perfectly is impossible without knowing your skin shade. Experiment, try a few different tones if you’re not sure, or ask someone to help you out. Don’t test the colour on your hand – try on your neck instead as it’s closer to the skin tone of your face. It’s crucial to know your exact skin tone as this will help you choose a matching concealer, primer, and foundation. After that you can continue building up your look with various colours.

Natural Brows

Whether you’re creating a stunning evening look or simple everyday makeup, brows are super important. Go for the natural bold brow as this is the trend that won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Use some eyeshadow that is slightly brighter than your natural brow colour and a slanted brush to make your brows look fuller. Use white eye pencil under the brow to make it even more defined. Don’t forget to blend thoroughly!

Go Gold

Gold is perfect for dusky Indian skin tones, so you can go ahead and experiment with it. You can use golden eyeshadow on your eyelids, but you can go even further and use it as a highlighter to create beautiful golden glow all over your face. Just remember to use it only on those parts of your face that get all the highlights.

Eliminate Dark Circles

There’s an amazing trick you can use to cover dark circles under your eyes – for that you’ll need red-orange lipstick and some concealer. The reds of your lipstick will neutralize the greens of the dark circles, then you just put on some concealer – and voila! It works wonders for all skin tones. Otherwise, you can always use a special dark spot concealer, which has a very similar effect.


Contour Your Cheekbones

Contouring cheekbones helps create a truly staggering look. Whether it’s a casual makeup or a makeover for a special event, defining your cheekbones is a must. You can use bronzer a few shades darker than your skin tone or a special contouring cream.

Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

It’s hard to find an eyeshadow that is bright enough for Indian skin – most of them just aren’t pigmented enough! This results in lacklustre colour that simply doesn’t stand out. You can easily change that by using a thick white eye pencil as a foundation for your eyeshadow. It will considerably boost your eyeshadow colour, creating a beautiful vibrant look.

Try New Lipstick Colours

Red is the go-to colour when it comes to choosing lipstick, but you can use other colours for dark Indian skin tones, too! Try yummy berry for a mysterious look, cheerful orange for a pop of bright colour on your lips, light pink for a smart casual look, fuchsia to create a daring vibe, or choose a simple nude lip that will perfectly match a classy outfit.

Use Dark Eyeliner

It’s traditional for Indian women to use dark eyeliners to create a stunning look, but it works for all women with darker skin tones in general. You can go with a classy black eyeliner or try a dark brown one. Dark navy can also do wonders for your eyes!

Choose Eyeshadow Wisely

Bronzes, mauves, taupes, and even golds are all great colours for Indian skin tones. You can always experiment with bolder colours, of course, but try to stay away from white eyeshadow as it doesn’t match dusky skin tones at all.