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11 Gorgeous Fall Makeup Trends for a Perfect Look


Those hot and sticky summer days are over, and we can finally allow ourselves to put on some makeup that will actually stay on. Most of us have gotten pretty used to our makeup-free faces during all those months of quarantine, but now it’s time to take out those makeup brushes, bright eyeshadows, and bold lipsticks. Yes, this autumn is all about striking colors and emphasized eyes (we are still wearing masks, after all) with a hint of blush here and there. Prepare yourself for some juicy reds and bright blues, because fall is here and it’s the opposite of boring!

  1. More blush

Fall is the time when everything starts to lose color, including your face! To make it look fresh and attractive, add more blush than you would normally put during the bright and colorful days of summer. Put some of it on the bridge of your nose for a beautiful sun-kissed effect. Autumn is here, but it doesn’t mean your skin should look dull.

  1. Twiggy lashes

Channel your inner Twiggy with some retro lashes that draw all the attention to your eyes. These chunky lashes will add some chic glamour to almost any look, making you seem relaxed and playful. Look for a special mascara that you can layer up to create this iconic Twiggy look.

  1. Green eyeshadow

Khakis, dark browns, and greens are all the rage this season. From gentle tortoiseshell shades to bright emerald, all hues of green are hitting the Internet hard, and we are very excited about this trend. Blend different shades of green beautifully to create stunning eye makeup, and don’t forget to share your result with the world! 

  1. Vintage pastels

Who said pastels are only good for spring and summer? It’s true that some shades look better when it’s warm and sunny outside, but others are perfect for cold and rainy days as well. Look for dusty, faded pastels that aren’t too bright and use them over a cream base to bring out the color. This vintage look will definitely make you stand out as the days cool down.

  1. Gentle liner

Sometimes all you need for the perfect look is a teeny-tiny amount of makeup. If you don’t feel like wearing much, just emphasize your eyes with a very subtle eyeliner – go for a charcoal color instead of a more dramatic, bold black, which will create a very low-key effect. This will significantly boost your smoldering beauty without looking like you’re trying too hard.


  1. Disco eyes

If you’re feeling like it’s time to party (within social distancing guidelines), then this makeup trend is perfect for you. Disco eye makeup uses all kinds of glitter to create a funky party look – you can experiment with small glitter or larger sparkles, shaped like stars and flowers. Your imagination is the only limit! Add some mascara to finish off the look.

  1. Full brows

You won’t surprise anyone with full and fluffy brows these days, because we all kind of have them after months of sitting at home. Is this the reason full brows are now a trend? The fluffier they are, the better. You have to keep them well-shaped, of course, but this is definitely a big comeback for natural brows.

  1. Dolphin skin

Glowed-up dolphin skin might seem like something that belongs in the warm summer days, but this dewy makeup trend will still be popular in the colder months. Choose a more subdued color palette for your eyes and lips, add some bronzer, and you’re good to go! Also  — don’t forget to prep your skin accordingly with lots of highlighter and clear balm.    

  1. Bold blue

This fall, quite a few bold colors are hitting the makeup scene, and bright blue is one of them. It used to be popular in the 80s and is now making a huge comeback. You can wear it any way you want, but make sure you use a good base so the color pops out. You can also use a wet brush to layer it for an attractive effect.

  1. Experimental liner

Who said you can only use your eyeliner the classic way? Apart from your upper and lower lash lines, you can add some more lines for a groovy and experimental look. It will help you create an unusually glamorous look, especially paired with some 1960s-inspired clothes. You can play with different colors, to your heart’s desire.

  1. Artistic eyes

If you feel like applying as many colors on your eyes as possible and want to experiment with different color combinations – do it! Artistic makeup is getting more and more popular with each passing week and people are coming up with some really incredible cosmetic styles. Try this rainbow watercolor makeup trend and you won’t regret it!