6 Crimped Hair Ideas that Will Make You Feel Daring

Crimped hair is no longer just a trend from past decades. Hair crimping has been making appearances on the runway recently, with newly inspired takes on the classic hairstyle. And now the trend is making its way from the fashion world to everyday fashion. Crimping is a great way to add texture to hair and make a bold statement. There are several ways to achieve the look and each method can be used to best complement different textures and lengths of hair. So, if you are ready to spice up your hairstyle, check out these 6 crimped hair ideas that will make you feel daring.

Crimped hairstyles for short hair

A great way to achieve the crimped look for short hair is layers. Try layered pieces cut at a slight angle circling the back of the head, with tight crimping on randomly chosen sections of hair. Additionally, a wavy style looks great with crimped hair. For bob length hair, looser crimped will give a wavy, rippled look that will give a vibrant take on a classic cut. A bright, bold color will only add to this statement hairstyle.

Сrimped hairstyles for medium hair

For hair just above the shoulder, you can get a little more creative with your crimping style. This allows enough hair to have some fun with, like adding a few twists or sparkles for playfulness. For medium length hair past the shoulders, crimping can provide a refined, chic look that is perfect for a night out.

Сrimped hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful crimping hair styles for long hair can be attained by using a mini hair crimper. This will give the whole head tons of volume and body. Crimping longer hair is an effective way to give definition and texture. Leading stylists suggest coloring longer hair with babylights before crimping.

80s crimped hair

To channel the 80’s version of crimped hair, fun, bright colors and hairspray are a must. Hair chalk is a fun way to color hair for a day or so, that will wear off so you can try something totally new the next day. Finish with hair spray to make the look hold through the day. Bright pinks and purples with subtle crimped hair is perfect for 80’s style.

90s crimped hair

90’s crimped hair is also about fun colors, with full body and height. A small, fine crimping technique will help add some texture and fullness to the hair. Try a high pony tail or twin buns to give your hair some height and charisma. Bold colors like lime green and cool blue will transport you right back to the 90’s.

Сrimped hair with braids

A perfect way to add a funky flair to your crimped style is with different braiding techniques. Try braids on the crown of the head with two knots for a fun and flirty look. For longer hair, two braids twisted back into full, crimped hair is a great way to achieve a more chic, sophisticated look.