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8 Beauty Secrets of Monica Bellucci Who Looks Great at 56


A well-known mystery of the entertainment industry is the timeless beauty of Italian actress Monica Bellucci. At 56 years old, Monica Belluci still looks like she’s no older than 35. We’ve watched her age so gracefully, all while maneuvering life, her career, and having two children. Becoming a mother late in the game, Monica did not have her children until almost 40. She also began to experience the height of her fame around and after the age of 30. It may seem that Monica Bellucci has found the secret fountain of youth we are all after but even she has a few tricks up her sleeve. To find out how she is still looking youthful and 20 years her former, check out these 8 beauty secrets of Monica Bellucci who looks great at 56.

She doesn’t sleep in makeup.

No matter how much makeup she wears during the day, Monica has very important daily practice of never sleeping in the day’s makeup. Before bed, she always removes her makeup and thoroughly cleanses her face. This allows her skin to breathe and regenerate properly while she sleeps.

She stays hydrated.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is surprising how many of us are primarily dehydrated without even realizing it. One rule that the Italian actress lives by is drinking plenty of water, which surely contributes to her youthful, exuberant skin.

She is relaxed about weight fluctuation.

While some may obsess and fret about their weight changes, apparently Monica Bellucci does not get overly worried about gaining a few extra pounds. Sources even say that she does not count her calorie intake. If she does gain some extra weight, she tends to choose black ensembles that are more flattering.

She stays active consistently, no matter how light the workout.

Sources say that Monica Bellucci participates in sports occasionally, but always makes sure she’s active and keeps her body moving. She recommends activities like swimming and yoga, which are great exercises for the mind and body, and do not require exerting excessive force on the body.


She does not food-shame herself.

To have such a great figure, one would think that Monica Bellucci is super strict about her diet. But she is actually really relaxed with herself in terms of what she eats. One of her favorite foods is Italian cuisine. She does not limit herself to certain foods or diet styles. If she feels she needs to cut back or drop a few pounds, she just controls her portion sizes at mealtime.

She starts her day with cold showers.

It is said that Monica does not believe in using plastic surgery, so her youthful looks are all-natural. One of her natural beauty secrets is taking cold showers. The cold water helps to keep her skin tight and encourages elasticity. Cold showers are also said to help strengthen the immune system — another aspect that might be increasing Monica Bellucci’s seemingly endless vitality.

She is very particular about her hair routine.

One reason Monica’s hair still has such a youthful exuberance and luster is because she never applies heat to her gorgeous mane. She does not use flattening irons or hairdryers, and even lets her hair air dry as opposed to using a blow dryer. She also washes her hair no more than twice a week, reserving some of her scalps natural oils. She also uses olive oil to moisturize her hair.

She takes great care of her lips.

Monica Bellucci is known for her full, voluptuous lips. She feels that one’s lips are very important, and that “with their help you speak, eat and kiss.” She constantly moisturizes her lips to prevent dryness.