9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock

Some makeup trends fall out of favor, but others transcend typical popularity as classics. These time-tested looks are guaranteed hits regardless of the weather, the season, or the current era. Some of these looks have been classic go-tos for decades now, like red lipstick and cat eye eyeliner. Regardless if you are looking for a regal look or a casual style, you can incorporate any of these looks into your beauty arsenal with ease. Check out these 9 classic makeup looks to rock. 

Cat Eye Eyeliner

Whether winged or swooshed, the cat eye style for eyeliner is a classic look that is good for almost any situation. You can get creative or go with a standard style, but you will still accomplish a beautiful look. 

Cat Eye Eyeliner | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty

Red Lipstick

A red lip is great when you really want a facial feature to pop and stand out. Old Hollywood stars knew that red lipstick was a classic statement look, that goes with any skin tone, and any occasion. 

Red Lipstick | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty

Rosy Cheeks

A cream rouge or powder based blush are ideal tools to accomplish perfect rosy cheeks. This looks gives the effect of appearing just faintly flush but not tired, with a healthy, lively glow. This look is great for any season as well. 

Rosy Cheeks | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty

Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is a makeup look that has truly transcended generations and withstood the test of time. It looks great on every skin and face type. It may b a bit more intricate than some classic looks, but it is still a worthy option. 

Smokey Eye | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty

The Twiggy

Even though this may not be utilized quite as often as some of the other classics, this intriguing look has still been used consistently since it was popularized by actress, model and singer Twiggy in the 1960’s. The key to this look is making sure you take your time with your liner. 

The Twiggy | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty

Matte Skin

A flawless matte look is always great to make your skin look smooth and beautiful. Start with moisturizing your face, add foundation and layer on concealer and powder – you’ll hide any dark circles or fine lines, and give your skin a gorgeous, clean glow. 

Matte Skin | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty

Defined Eyebrows

If you like accentuating your eyes, a nice define eyebrow can really make your eyes stand out. This look will give you a polished, vintage style that old Hollywood would appreciate. Fill your brows in with a dark brow powder. 

Defined Eyebrows | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty

False Eyelashes

For an added layer of melodrama and mystery, an extra strip of eyelashes are perfect. You can go to a professional, or try a kit you can use at home. You will fall in love with how glamorous and regal you look and feel. 

False Eyelashes | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty

The No Makeup Makeup Look

If all else fails, always remember less can definitely be more. Go for something more minimal with the no makeup look. A small amount of blush and a small sweep of bronzer will give you the perfect no makeup look, and will give you a fresh, hydrated look. 

The No Makeup Makeup Look | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty