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All You Need to Know About Magnetic Lashes


The fake eyelash game is constantly evolving, and the beauty industry is officially obsessed. Amongst a sea of growth serums, lash extension or curling devices and mascaras that lengthen, it’s clear that women want one thing: longer lashes. False eyelashes are notoriously hard to apply, and technicians are expensive to go to (also: quarantine) so the clear DIY solution is magnetic eyelashes. Due to the magnets, they can curve easier.

How do magnetic lashes work?

False lashes are usually put on using adhesive glue, but magnetic eyelashes instead secure to each other and your lash line with the use of tiny magnets that are invisible to the eye. Many brands offer full strips and accent lashes. The strip lashes usually feature four magnets, and accent lashes usually feature three or less.

The way the technology works with a sandwiching method: natural lashes are sandwiched between two strips that are held together with magnets.

How to apply magnetic lashes  

All brands are different, so always follow your magnetic lash set’s specific instructions. However, here are some general tips. First, apply mascara which will add grip to your eyelashes. Then, lay the upper magnetic lash on the top line. Next, place the under magnetic lash underneath your natural lash line, which the magnets should curve and lock into place.

Some brands have lashes with tweezer-like applicators to make things easier, but you can use your hands as well.

Applying magnetic lashes is not easy, by any means, but with practice you’ll quickly get the hang of it, and the experience is much less painful that with any other form of falsies.

To remove lashes, gently pull them apart by lifting up the top lash, and pulling the bottom one down. It’s also an option to slide top and bottom magnets away from each other individually. Do not pull them straight off, which causes damage. Slide using your index finger and thumb.

Are magnetic lashes safe?

Magnetic lashes are a way safer alternative to the glue and adhesive that is often painful to remove. It’s also takes away the messy aspect that lash glue can often cause, and magnetic lashes are more eco-friendly for our planet, lasting much longer.


Magnets do not disrupts your vision, eye movements, or cause eye problems. However, even though they’re safe for daily use, make sure that if you are undergoing an MRI, this counts the same as a piercing or jewelry, as it contains magnets. A perk is that they go unnoticed as artificial add-ons, but this might mean that your doc forgets to remind you, so be cautious!

Things to consider when buying magnetic lashes

Curved magnetic lashes: You can easily get curved magnetic bands which adhere to the natural eye shape a little easier. The flat lined ones with no curve are harder to apply, so keep this in mind. The curve prevents that digging feeling in the eye corners, and you’ll forget you have them on and can even wear them with glasses.

Materials used: you get what you pay for, generally speaking. You can buy magnetic eyelashes in silk, human hair, mink, or synthetic options. Mink, silk and human hair are preferable since synthetic options can appear artificial and plastic-like.

Full strip vs. accent: Do you want an even, all-over look, or just a slight enhancement at the corners or center? Try to get strips with at least two magnets.

Trimming magnetic lashes: Lash length is another factor to consider – some people like lashes longer and others prefer shorter, so consider this when purchasing. False lashes often need to be trimmed, since they don’t naturally come fitting to your specific eye shape. With scissors, you can trim the bottom and top lashes, and then apply them as usual. Trim to stop the middle part and corners of your fake lashes from pointing up. It also adds a stronger hold.

Magnetic lash care

Magnetic lashes last much longer than their disposable counterparts. Clean your hands and dry them thoroughly before you remove them. Then, wipe them gently with a slightly wet cotton pad, which will get rid of mascara or eyeliner. Then, keep them safe in their storage case and you’re all set!

Best magnetic lash brands

The world’s first magnetic eyelash was designed by Katy Stoka of One Two Lash. The professionals recommend Lash FX Magnetic Eyelashes along with Ardell Magnetic Lashes, as Ardell uses 100% human hair, giving that realistic look and minimizing aftercare. They feature a curve, which is worth mentioning. Based on quality and materials used, lashes can cost anywhere between $14 to $70.

You can also purchase less expensive kits at drugstores.

Overall, magnetic lashes give you a reusable option that’s more comfortable, longer lasting, and overall safer for the health of your eyes. Give them a shot while your lash tech is out of commission due to COVID-19.