Building Your Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign

Taking care of yourself is one of those things we often neglect, finding time for everything and everyone except ourselves. This results in stress, mood swings, and health decline. If you’ve been feeling a bit down lately, most likely you are one of those ladies who need a break and a very specific beauty routine to make yourself feel better. This is where Astrology comes in! It can tell you everything about your personality, character, and even your needs. Here’s how you should build your beauty routine according to your zodiac sign.

Aries – a relaxing day in the spa

Aries ladies are all about determination and hard work. This means that their beauty routine needs to be carefully planned and built into the tight schedule of things that need to be done ASAP. This way you simply won’t have a choice but to go and relax and do nothing for a whole day. Both your body and mind need unwinding from time to time. As a result you will feel rejuvenated and look fresh!

Aries - spa | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Taurus – facial massage

Taurus ladies have been experimenting a lot in year 2018 with their beauty regimens, trying new things and stepping out of the comfort zone. Well, now it’s time to go even further and incorporate a few more beauty hacks into your daily self-care routine. Light facial massages can do wonders for you, as well as using oils to moisturize your skin.

Taurus – facial massage | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Gemini – saying “no” to impulsive shopping

Gemini women are impulsive shoppers. They can’t stop themselves once they read about that new very special beauty trend and just have to try it themselves. That’s why their tables are cluttered with makeup and self-products, making it hard to build a cohesive beauty routine. It’s time to give away whatever you don’t need or aren’t using right now and focus on those products that are actually good for you.

Gemini | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Cancer – fascial masks

Sensitive Cancer ladies seek comfort not only at home and with other people, but also with their beauty routine. Gentle creams and soothing textures should be the focus of their beauty regimen, as well as creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for all the procedures.

Cancer – fascial masks | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Leo – organic cosmetics

Leo women are very well aware of their own looks, health, and things they need to do to maintain whatever they’ve achieved in these departments. And they are ready to work for it! It’s time for Cancer ladies to ditch the chemical-induced products and switch to organic ones for amazing long-term effect.

Leo – organic cosmetics | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Virgo – rejuvenating

Virgo ladies are caring and can heal anyone with their love and nurturing character. But when it comes to taking care of themselves, they often experience some issues and tend to hide all their beauty problems under tons of makeup rather than deal with them. It’s time to invest in some rejuvenating natural products that will improve your skin condition and overall health.

Virgo – rejuvenating  | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Libra – self-education and self-care

Libra ladies lack courage when it comes to trying new products that could improve their beauty routine. They have high beauty standards and would like to become healthier, but usually don’t know where to start. It’s time to get yourself educated about skin types, makeup techniques, and various self-care products. Who knows, you might become an expert at this!

Libra | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Scorpio – essential oils

Scorpios should pay special attention to staying hydrated both inside and out. Their skin needs moisturizing products most of the time because their irregular rest and over-cleansing dries out their skin. Using essential oils will have a healing effect both on your body and mind, lowering stress levels and having an overall relaxing effect on your psyche.

Scorpio – essential oils | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Sagittarius – herbs

Sagittarius ladies like to try new beauty products, but they rarely stick to a single beauty routine or a set of ingredients for self-care. This needs to change now! You should pay special attention to products that have herbs as they are less likely to irritate skin and have a truly wonderful effect on a female body.

Sagittarius – herbs | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Capricorn – beauty regimen

Capricorn women are prone to stress as they are hard-working, industrious, and tend to forget a thing like beauty regimen even exists. You need to remind yourself that health and beauty come first and they are impossible without a proper beauty routine that is maintained consistently. You don’t have to get all complicated – a simple routine will do! Use toner, exfoliate and cleanse your skin, and try some of those amazing facial oils.

Capricorn – beauty regimen | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Aquarius – DIY

Aquarius ladies love experimenting with their beauty products – if there’s something they can make themselves, they’ll do it! Their list of DIY beauty product is almost endless and they’ve tried more beauty recipes than any other sign on the list. What Aquarius need is to slow things down a little bit. Too many beauty treatments and different face masks are hard on your skin and body. You should create a certain routine and stick to it so it could work.

Aquarius - diy| Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty

Pisces – becoming more knowledgeable

Pisces really need to step up their beauty game. They know the basic tips and tricks, but the time goes by, seasons change, and their beauty regimen remains the same. You should adjust your beauty and skin-care regimen with every change of temperature and humidity! It’s time to become more knowledgeable as to what is good for you and how to keep yourself fresh and healthy.

Pisces | Beauty Routine According To Your Zodiac Sign | Her Beauty