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Everything You Need to Know About Tanning Injections


Usually, people sunbathe to get a bronzed effect, but there’s a new trend on the market that can help get you darker: tanning injections. Tanning injections have been referred to as the “Barbie drug.”

You might have heard about these injections from the tabloids, including the ridiculous story of Martina Big, who claims to be African American after getting a hefty amount of these injections. The story left viewers speechless or laughing, but what they didn’t know about was the life-threatening results that this “tanning treatment” can cause.

What are tanning injections?

Tanning injections, otherwise known as Melanotan II, are essentially a synthetic hormone injected into the skin, which then stimulates pigment cells within the skin. As a result, melanin is produced. Although we often hear about the dangerous nature of tanning beds or sunbathing without SPF, tanning injections pose a more dangerous threat to human beings. In theory, a shot to make you more tan sounds like a dream come true, and is less annoying than applying self tanner to hard to reach spots on the back. But in reality, it puts you at risk for deadly diseases.

Tanning injections usually come as part of a kit. The substance comes in a powder form, leaving the consumer to mix with water. Creating this powder to water ratio on your own is risky by itself, as is using water that hasn’t been sterilized first. After all, it is going directly into your blood stream, and self injection sounds painful and perilous. All over the world, tanning injections are illegal to sell.

Tanning injection side effects

There hasn’t been sufficient testing for humans, and these injections can cause some serious side effects. These consequences include stomach pain, illness, acne, and even heart or eye problems. Of course, the sharing of needles is also risky and can transmit disease. If you don’t go to a professional, tissue damage may occur. Other short term effects can include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and swelling of the face. Some people describe an upset stomach and a cold sensation within the abdomen. Long term effects can be high blood pressure and serious blood disorders.

Where did tanning injections come from?

Back in the 1980’s, synthetic melanotan was created by the University of Arizona Cancer Center, ironically enough. Its goal was to treat sun sensitivity issues, or skin pigmentation problems such as vitiligo It was also used as a treatment to remedy low arousal for women who were menopausal. However, it was never created or intended to cosmetically enhanced tans – something that was meant to make lives better was illegally transformed into the opposite.


Doctors are shocked that people are risking their health with this illegal drug, which also darkens moles and increases the chances of skin cancer. Melanoma is an increasingly common form of cancer, so it’s probably better to stay away from these tanning injections altogether.

Tanning injections before and after

Five years ago, a woman overdosed on 100 tanning injections and was left with permanent scarring forever. Using tanning injections can lead to scarring that never goes away – if you’re doing it for the purpose of looking prettier, it will backfire in the longterm. Many times, the tan won’t even look natural.

Many people don’t know about the horrible side effects of injecting your body with these substances, which have been an “under-the-counter” drug for decades, now. Only after they contract a bacterial infection, or worse, do they learn the whole story.

How popular are tanning injections?

The black market for these injections is thriving. They’re unfortunately very popular in the UK, and more people need to be aware of the dire repercussions that will occur if they make the leap to melanin injections. There is no such thing as a safe melanin injection – just clever marketing.

Many online sellers are pushing tanning injections and showing how to use them, but these are still very unmonitored and unregistered substances in the black market, so treat your body well and take a tropical vacation instead – with plenty of sunscreen! Otherwise, invest in the many self-tanning technologies that are available out there and provide a stain-free glow.

Ultimately, there are worse things out there than being pale, and this is definitely one of them.