Ukrainian Girl Does #100DaysOfMakeup And The Results Are Stunning

Creative makeup looks are all the rage these days but most of us rarely dare to actually try our hand at creating a bold makeup look. But this up and coming Ukrainian makeup artist gave herself a challenge to do #100daysofmakeup and boy did she deliver. Her looks are bright and memorable and an example of how you pushing yourself to explore your hobby and trying something new every day can deliver incredible results.

Here’s a little interview we did with the girl behind this creative Instagram account.

We know you as @blyskitka, but we’re dying to find out more about you. What’s your name? What do you do? Where are you from?

Hey, my name is Natalia and live in Lviv, Ukraine. I work in software development and makeup is my creative outlet.

Is makeup a hobby for you or something you’re pursuing professionally?

To put it simply, a way to unwind and switch to something completely different. So far it is my hobby but hopefully, someday it will become something more.

What inspires you to create such beautiful makeup looks?

Finding inspiration can be difficult but I don’t wait for a ‘wow’ moment. I browse through a lot of makeup looks on Instagram, mentally pinpointing interesting shapes or color combos. I love textures – wilted flower petals, woven fabric, wood. Sometimes I just look at my own face in the mirror and think about lines/placement of colors. It’s a good trick to get yourself thinking outside the box.

What made you want to do the #100daysofmakeup and how difficult was it to complete this challenge?

100daysofmakeup was a bet I made with my friend and I’m really happy about it. It was a lot easier than I thought, although at times the impostor syndrome kicked in and I disliked some of the looks I did.

What kind of makeup looks do you wear day to day? Do you have a standard everyday look or do you try to do something interesting and unique every time?

The way I look every day depends greatly on the amount of time I have in the morning. If I’m in a hurry, I throw on a simple wash of color over the lids, a bit of bronzer and nude lipstick. When I have a bit more time, I do more colorful looks with liner.

What did you come away with after completing the #100daysofmakeup?

Thanks to the challenge doing makeup became something of a second nature to me – I just put on some nice music and do it, letting go of any anxious thoughts. It’s like therapy. It also made me realize inspiration is not something that happens on the spot, you just need to create to actually be creative (ha!).

What kind of makeup do you prefer using? Any favorites?

I love doing my eyeshadow and shimmery/glittery textures have always been my favorite. I really like the way they can reflect or, on the contrary, trap the light and change your whole look. When it comes to products, I stopped buying makeup that’s been tested on animals and am now cruelty-free.

Who are your favorite makeup artists?

My favorite makeup artists are Lisa Eldridge (so classy and chic!) and Jo Baker (a celebrity artist who is very brave in her red carpet choices). I also follow a lot of talented people, so this list is very long.

What does @blyskitka have in store for the future?

I don’t have definite plans for the future when it comes to my art – I just want to grow my audience a little and keep creating :)