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11 Best Romantic Comedies to Watch This Summer


When you’re looking for a marathon of what to binge on Netflix, we have the perfect recipe: it should be hilarious, cute, and just a little cheesy. These are the elements of the ultimate romantic comedy, a lighthearted genre that’s sure to take you out of your head and into a love-filled fantasy world. Here are our favorites, from back in the day up to 2020.

1. When Harry Met Sally

This Nora Ephron rom-com is probably the most famous one of all time, and begs the much-asked question: can women and men be just friends? Most of us remember that forever-referenced scene in Katz Delicatessen, and iconic scenery, like the gorgeous fall hues in Central Park. There’s so many reasons to watch this movie.

2. The Half Of It

This 2020 rom-com explores LGBTQ+ themes in a way that we haven’t seen before, making it a staple for young people trying to find their identity, and anyone older who likes a good story, minus all the cliche endings. This story goes: boy meets girl, boy hires ghostwriter to write love letters, but ghostwriter is also in love with a girl… just watch it, we don’t want to spoil the ending.

3. Bridget Jones Diary

This may have exploded into a franchise, but Bridget is a heroine we can all relate to. She flirts with her charming babe of a boss, Hugh Grant, but soon gets caught up in a love triangle with her awkward but sweet family friend. Of course, the film is about these rival men battling each others egos, but the way Bridget handles it all in such an every girl, fumbling way is what we truly adore.

4. Always be My Maybe

We’re consistently in love with Ali Wong, and her first time debut as a director proved no different. In Always Be My Maybe a female chef comes back home to open her new restaurant. In the process, she runs into her childhood BFF, who is not nearly as impressive. However, they find their way back to each other. And we love all the stereotypes it breaks about Asian Americans, and women being the breadwinner.

5. As Good as It Gets

Our favorite kind of Jack Nicholson is when he’s at his grumpiest, before he transforms into a charming, hopelessly in love fool. That’s exactly what we get in this flick for dog lovers. Melvin, an obsessive writer with plenty of quirks, has a neighbour who has to go to the hospital, so he’s stuck dog-sitting. Then, his favorite waitress leaves his regular spot. Don’t worry, there’s an upside for Melvin.

6. Sierra Burgess Is A Loser


Sierra Burgess Is A Loser spreads a message that the world needs to hear – not all heroines come in a size 0, blond template. Sierra might not be a supermodel, but she steals the main man’s heart over the classic hottie due to her charm, wit, and intelligence. This is a message that more young girls need to be hearing more often in cinema.

7. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Michael Cera in Superbad might not have been your thing, but the lovable nerd will make you swoon in this 2010 flick. When Scott Pilgrim meets his dream girl, he has to defeat her seven evil exes, he has to challenge them all to a fight, in a video game meets romantic comedy that will never leave you bored, and is definitely for the quirky.

8. Her

In Her, Theodore, aka Joaquin Phoenix, falls madly in love with his assistant. There’s just one problem: she’s virtual. This movie where a man falls in love with a computer programming system is heartwarming and troubling at the same time, explaining our own relationship with technology. Yes, she might meet his every need, but what is that without touch?

9. Isn’t It Romantic

You’ll love this movie if you’re usually a cynic about romantic comedies, or maybe if you just prefer a good laugh to falling for a fantasy that doesn’t exist. Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, has always been a romance cynic. However, when she gets punched by a mugger, she loses consciousness, only to wake up to her life as a stereotypical rom-com, which might be dreamy but some, but is a nightmare for Natalie.

10. Monster In Law

How could we complete a romantic comedy round-up without including Jennifer Lopez, the reigning queen of corny romantic flicks? We all know the trouble that a mother-in-law can bring to newlyweds, or those about to wed. When Jame Fonda is the conniving in-law that’s always ready to prove her son isn’t good for anyone, things get a lot stickier. This is a feud for the ages.

11. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

When Peter, aka Jason Segal, goes through an intense breakup, he goes to Hawaii to heal. Sounds like a pretty good idea, right? Except when you run into your ex and her new lover staying at the exact same resort, it turns into a total nightmare. Luckily, he still finds love, and this rom-com shows that even the worst situations have a silver lining.