8 Things You Wanted To Know About Bella Thorne

You probably know Bella Thorne best from her early Disney show Shake It Up or from a more recent television show Famous in Love. She’s also known for just being quite a controversial person in media since she’s shed her Disney image. We bet there are things you always wanted to know about Bella Thorne and you might just find the answers you were looking for below.

1. How Old Is Bella Thorne?

Bella Thorne was born on the 8th of October, 1997. She’s 21 years old right now and will turn 22 this October. Did you know she was this young? Judging by her career and the number of changes she’s gone through and how her public image has changed you’d think she’s much older.

How Old Is Bella Thorne? | 8 Things You Wanted To Know About Bella Thorne | Her beauty

2. Bella Thorne’s First Jobs?

Bella started working pretty early. And we don’t mean like “teenager” early or “child actor” early. She started modelling when she was only 6 weeks old. Did she want to do that at such an early age – we don’t know. It’s actually debatable if she had the choice. Questionable choices made by parents? Definitely. But hey, she sure had an early start in showbiz and by the time she was a kid and her peers were just getting their first roles she had a sizeable portfolio already.

Bella Thorne’s First Jobs? | 8 Things You Wanted To Know About Bella Thorne | Her beauty

3. Who Is Bella Thorne’s Mom?

Bella Thorne’s mother is Tamara Thorne (née Beckett). She is of mostly Italian ancestry, with some English, Welsh, Irish, and even German bloods. She raised Bella and three other of her siblings as a single mom since Bella’s father died in a car accident when Bella was only 9. Bella has mentioned that part of the reason she started working as a child actor was to help out her family financially because they were poor and raised by a single mother. She has also stated on her Instagram that her relationship with her mother was messed up but she’s glad they have the time to mend it.

Who Is Bella Thorne's Mom? | 8 Things You Wanted To Know About Bella Thorne | Her beauty

4. What Disney Show Was Bella Thorne In?

Bella is probably best known for her role of Cece Jones on the Disney show Shake It Up. In the show, her character was an up and coming dancer who had big dreams and struggled with dyslexia. In real life, Bella also struggled with dyslexia but unlike her character had never danced professionally before getting the role so as soon as she signed the deal she started having three different dance classes every day. She also played Avalon Greene in the Disney Channel original movie Frenemies.

What Disney Show Was Bella Thorne In? | 8 Things You Wanted To Know About Bella Thorne | Her beauty

5. What Is Bella Thorne Famous For?

If you’d like to know what was her biggest breakthrough – again, it was probably the Disney’s Shake It Up. But these days it’s hard to say if that’s what Bella is famous for. Since the show ended she’s had multiple roles in movies and TV shows, she became a music artist and released her own albums. She’s also been quite a controversial figure in media and reinvented her public image completely, to the point that people either love her or hate her and it has little to do with her work and more with her personality.

 What Is Bella Thorne Famous For? | 8 Things You Wanted To Know About Bella Thorne | Her beauty

6. Bella Thorne’s Plastic Surgeries

Bella doesn’t really talk publicly about plastic surgery and doesn’t acknowledge getting anything done. But if you look at the pictures of her through the years you can tell that she definitely gets lip fillers and that her nose became thinner and mode pointed. It also looks like she might’ve gotten her breasts done.

Bella Thorne's Plastic Surgery | 8 Things You Wanted To Know About Bella Thorne | Her beauty

7. Bella Thorne’s Rebellious Transformation

When you think about how early Bella got into show business and that she worked on a Disney show, which tends to be very controlling when it comes to one’s image – it’s not that surprising that she went through a rebellious stage and changed her image completely. Remember when she colored her hair dark blue and went all dark for a while? And we don’t mean just hair. She literally went from being this little angel girl from Disney to a rebellious outrageous person who said whatever they wanted. She seems to have gone back to a more natural hair color since, but the attitude stayed.

 Bella Thorne’s Rebellious Transformation | 8 Things You Wanted To Know About Bella Thorne | Her beauty

8. Bella Thorne’s Boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo

Bella has dated quite a few people in her time. She was in a serious relationship with an English actor, then came out as bisexual and was in a relationship with Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun. Since April she’s been dating Benjamin Mascolo. He might be up and coming in the USA, but he’s a very popular musician in Italy. He’s 26 and he’s from Modena, Italy and he’s been in the music band called Benji & Fede since 2010.

Bella Thorne's Boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo | 8 Things You Wanted To Know About Bella Thorne | Her beauty