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All The Homes Priyanka Chopra Owns Around The Globe


Priyanka Chopra is the biggest name in Bollywood and she’s not shy about taking over Hollywood and the rest of the world too. This gorgeous and talented woman seemingly never gets tired, because her new projects keep coming and her schedule is always packed with fun and new things to do. She’s an actress, a TV presenter, she had her moment as a singer, she has set up a production company, and she’s recently finished writing a book (a memoir called “Unfinished”). On top of that, Priyanka doesn’t stay in one place for long, she often travels for work, family, and just for fun. Over the years, Priyanka has lived in so many cities, it’s hard to count, so her philosophy when it comes to calling a place a home is more about the people around her than a specific place. However, having family in India, a husband in LA, and a whole bunch of work projects around the world, it only makes sense that Priyanka owns a few places that she calls home.  

LA Mansion

First, let’s take a look at her home in LA. This is a beautiful mansion that she owns with her husband Nick Jonas. The spacious house has 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, a pool, a patio, a backyard, and the classic LA indoor/outdoor setting. It’s beautiful, modern, and is decorated in earth tones, which makes it feel cozy and serene. It’s located in a prestigious Encino neighborhood and is very close to the house of Nick’s brother Joe Jonas. They’re basically neighbors. 

New York Apartment

The views from Priyanka’s New York apartment windows are to die for. She really scored a great place in the big apple. Her place has massive windows from floor to ceiling that allow a lot of natural light into the apartment, the apartment is bright and beautiful.

She also has a lovely balcony where she can lounge and look down at the streets of New York. You can see her apartment from the inside in this video where she answered 73 questions for Vogue.

If you’re looking for an actual tour of the apartment, here’s another video you can watch, where she actually leads you through the apartment and shows you all her rooms, her wine cellar/bar, her glam room, her little gym, etc.


Mumbai Home 

Priyanka’s Mumbai apartment (yes, apartment, not a house) is a spacious place, decorated in neutral colors but with dark wooden accent pieces, and the balcony here is absolutely massive. This is where she catches up with friends and family when she comes back to Mumbai. This place is where she hosts small pirates for friends and family dinners. This is also where her Roka ceremony with Nick Jonas took place. 

Goa Holiday Home

Priyanka also owns a holiday home in Goa. It’s a place where she goes to chill out and relax, unwind from her work and just get some rest. She likes to spend her time here with her family. The house is facing Baga Beach and you can just imagine how awesome the sunrises and sunsets views are.

Here’s a lovely video of Priyanka and her cousin being silly at their Goa holiday home.