Couple Dresses Up Pet Tortoise Named Ethel, Internet Panics – Her Beauty

Couple Dresses Up Pet Tortoise Named Ethel, Internet Panics


Some people dress up their dogs or cats for social media to revel over. Other people dress up…their tortoises, apparently. This is the first time we’ve seen a tortoise play dress-up, and the beautiful Ethel is going viral on Instagram because of her cute looks. Most people are showing support, but some have decided that because Ethel can’t speak up, she shouldn’t be placed in these outfits. Here is some photographic proof that Ethel is living her best life, and is taken care of very well by her parents.

1. The whole family wore pink on Valentine’s Day, and Ethel decided to eat pink too, munching on a delicious flower. We prefer to put our roses in water, but to each their own.  The pink bow is too cute, and her dress is lovely as well.

2. We all need a spa day once in a while – even creatures with shells need a day off. Here is Ethel matching her mom with an adorable towel turban. While mom and dad are putting cucumbers on their eyes, Ethel has decided that hers are much more useful in her noisy little mouth.

3. Welcome to Ethel’s yoga day. Everyone wears matching coral shirts, but Ethel has some extra sweet knots around her shoulders to keep that fabric out of her face. This pose is called one-arm-tortoise, obviously.

4. This miniature beanie was created just for Ethel, so that she could match her parents with ease. They’re also wearing matching sweaters, of course. Ethel was not happy about the fact that there weren’t edible props for this holiday photoshoot. 

5. Thanksgiving is for gratitude, and Ethel is definitely giving thanks to her pumpkin and sweet peppers on this holiday. She’s dressed comfortably for the holidays, as we all should – more room for that food baby!

6. In this beach day post, Ethel’s parents decided to clear the air and say that they treat Ethel with the utmost respect (she’s their “sun and moon”) and they would never hurt their hard-shelled little cutie pie. Ethel loves the beach because everyone asks for her autograph.

7. We’ve seen Ethel in her mini beanie, but here, she actually has a whole human-size beanie which fits dreamily over her shell. The pink pom pom is a reminder of her feminine side, obviously. 


8. This Halloween look is everything. Dad’s the baker, mom’s the cupcake, and Ethel is the cherry on top! She really is, with that smile.  Swipe to see Ethel’s favorite Halloween candy – a pumpkin top!

9. Speaking of pumpkins…the family visited the Stanley Lane Pumpkin Patch, and everyone wore their best pair of overalls, including Ethel. Ethel made lots of new buddies at the patch, with a group of kids even forming a tunnel for her to climb under.

10. Gingham is the name of the game for this farm outing, which Ethel obviously couldn’t e left out of. Her little collar is just so precious on this custom-made outfit, Swipe to see her dad is walking extra slow for Ethel, who got plenty of locally grown snacks on their adventure. 

11. On this day, everyone got real matchy-matchy on a trip to a sunflower field in Dixon, California. Ethel loves eating flowers, so we’re sure she had a blast. This is one of her more glamorous looks.

12. You might think that the matching factor is a little too good here – that’s because Old Navy happened to have a baby romper and a woman’s shirt that match. Perhaps not the intended audience for this coordination, but we prefer it.

13. Here they are on moving day – Ethel is ready to get down and dirty in her white tee and jeans, but mostly she’s just watching mom and dad move her bajillion boxes of things. She’s the queen of this household, and everyone should know it. First moving priority? Ethel’s garden, of course.

14. We had to finish with one of her bow looks on #ethelsfamilyphotofriday, because she simply looks like the prettiest little princess whenever she wears one. Fun fact: her owners actually make lots of her outfits (like this one) but some of the other looks are modified baby clothes.