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Dain Yoon Uses Herself As A Canvas For Surreal Art


The talented artist we’d like to introduce you to today is often mistakenly called a makeup artist, but Dain Yoon is so much more than that. She’s known online for creative and surreal-looking art pieces, which she paints on herself. Her art is so surreal that many think it must be photoshopped, but it is in fact painted on by hand, which can take up to 12 hours. But just because Dain uses her face as a canvas, it doesn’t mean she’s “just” a makeup artist. She’s actually a professional painter with proper education, an art degree, many exhibitions and awards under her belt, and a pretty substantial client list. 

Dain Yoon always had a talent for painting, so naturally, her parents made sure she went to an art school as soon as she could. Dain graduated from both Yewon Arts Middle School and Seoul Arts High School with honors and at the top of her class. She then went on to major in Stage Design at the Korea National University of Arts. 

Dain grew up in a pretty artistic environment, both her parents are artsy people. Her mother is also an artist, just like Dain, and her father works in architecture, so it’s no wonder that Dain became an artist who isn’t tied to one medium. It’s not just painting that she’s good at, Dain Yoon likes exploring art in any way she can and is eager to take on new projects that encompass art, fashion, technology, and any other means of getting across her ideas. Yoon likes to use her art to showcase the multifaceted world of emotions and human perceptions.  

Her art is becoming quite popular and she’s beginning to gain traction in the art world. Dain was winning awards before she even finished her education. She won the Toblerone photography Contest in 2015, got the Talent Award of Korea in 2016, and got the first prize in the Seoul Modern Arts Show in 2017. Since she graduated Dain Yoon has been taking part in Art Fairs in Korea and the USA, displayed her art at the group exhibition in London, and even had three solo exhibitions in Korea. 


She has given lectures in Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Dubai, and the USA, was a guest artist in many art festivals and even became a judge for the International Championship of Visage in Kyiv, Ukraine two years in a row. She was also a judge at the Snapchat Original Show “Fake Up” in 2020 and 2021 and became the Technology Creator of the Year 2021.

Her client list includes such impressive names as Apple, Tate Modern, Adidas, Estée Lauder,20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Instagram, Snapchat, Pfizer, and many more. Dain Yoon has recently moved to the US, which is sure to broaden her horizons, get her art in front of new and bigger audiences and we can’t wait to see her new projects and collaborations.