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Do Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Regrets About Moving to California?


Ever since the royals announced they were quitting their duties and heading to North America, they had been searching for the ideal family home to plant roots. They ended up going with a Montecito mansion,  a massive estate that’s gated and hedged for complete privacy. It’s nearly 15,000 square feet and has (besides nine sprawling bedrooms) a billiard room, a home theatre, a full spa, and a gym. Oh, it also has an elevator in case stairs aren’t your thing. 

Besides the stats on their house, we know one thing for sure — the royal exit by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was considered highly controversial by many, including the Royal Family itself and many Brits who felt betrayed. But the question remains — Do Harry and Meghan have regrets about moving from dreary England to sunny California? 

According to recent news, sources close to the couple say that they’re satisfied with the move and feel rewarded. Their 2020 Christmas card was taken in their new yard in Montecito, California. The family is full of smiles, and we truly believe that they are happier living in California.

Back in the UK, Meghan was put under fire unfairly as the first Black duchess in years. She faced racism and unfair comparisons to fellow Royal Kate Middleton, who ticked off the traditional boxes of what makes a classic duchess. Additionally, the media wouldn’t give this family any space, and were intrusive in every aspect of their lives.  Filled with hate from the media and the public, this was no way to live their lives and begin a marriage or start a family. 

So instead, Meghan and Harry made the responsible decision to bring little Archie back to the United States, where Meghan has more support.  Still, they have events back home to get back to, such as the Invictus Games and Prince Phillip’s birthday this summer, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, travel plans are still up in the air. While we’re sure they are looking forward to these big royal events, it seems as though they’re doing perfectly fine starting their new lives in California. 

A source explained, “Decisions will be made on a case by case basis and see where the medical protocols are around the time they decide to return.” With a young child in their care, it’s safe to say that probably won’t be any time soon. Beloved Archie has made their search for privacy even more intense — back in July, the filed a lawsuit over invasion of privacy when a random paparazzi took illegal photos of their son in their backyard.


Trolls who are hoping Markle and her family are miserable in their new home are wrong, though that’s not to say Harry won’t be homesick. As we mentioned before, Markle has lots of support in California, especially with her mother Doria Ragland residing there, along with most of her friends. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, and it turns out the Royals weren’t the right village for them.

This transition to the US will certainly be a big one for hubby Harry. Moving can be traumatic after all, and his freedom might cost him some time and money Harry’s friend Dr. Jane Goodall revealed “I don’t know how his career is going to map out, but, yes, I’ve been in touch – though I think he’s finding life a bit challenging right now.“

But we can’t help but think that even though he’s in a new country away from home, he’s enjoying the lack of pressure and scrutiny that he faced back in England, especially compared to the rest of his buttoned-up  family.

Harry has always been known as the jokester of the family, and now he can finally let loose and fly his funny flag. With Archie getting older, we can’t wait to see what hilariously cringe dad jokes Harry will be coming up with soon.

Though his career isn’t as finalized as it was before, the couple has lots of things in the work, including a multiyear mega-deal with Netflix to become Hollywood producers of children’s shows, features, documentaries, and scripted series. The chairman of InterTalent Rights Group went as far as to call it an “unparalleled historical deal.” We’d say that entering the global entertainment industry with such a whopper of a deal and an insane house isn’t a bad way to start a new life. It’s more than most of us can afford.