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Dogue: What If Your Dog Was On The Cover?


We’ve all been shifting between overwhelmed and super bored in quarantine, so naturally, we’re taken to the internet to find a distraction. There’s already been a trend of taking photos to imitate art, paintings and museum exhibits at home, then people started creating their own Vogue covers at home by styling their outfit, taking a Vogue-like photo and editing it to look like a magazine cover. And now we’ve reached a point where people are creating Vogue covers of our pets. And honestly, it’s the best thing ever. Why wouldn’t you want to take an incredible photo of your dog and edit it to look like a magazine cover? Now there’s even an Instagram account dedicated to Vogue covers of Dogs called Dogue.

1. It seems like the featured story would be about all-natural skincare and how to learn to glow from within and use only natural remedies to achieve your goals.

2. This sporty fellow knows all about speed and power. He might not be able to actually drive a car, but he looks fabulous with his head hanging out the passenger window.

3. The fanciest dog in all the land. He’s got a mansion in Paris and a house in London and he knows what it takes to become the master of your life.

4. Best tips and tricks on how not to go mad in quarantine from these two floofs. It’s all about giving yourself time to relax and of course about playing with your puppies.

5. Interior decorations, spring style and more, in this issue of Dogue with a fluffy guest who knows way more about flowers than you do.

6. An inspiring interview with a French bulldog all about self-acceptance, body image and healthy habits to keep your mental health stable and lifting your spirits.

7. Diet tips? Never heard of them, this dog is all about butter and Nigella Lawson is his dream owner.


8. Fashion advice from a dalmatian is all we really need. It knows what it’s talking about, after all, Cruella De Vil wanted a coat that looked just like this.

9. Gluten sensitivity and how to deal with it, an insightful read from the Dogue expert. The trick is to share your gluten with your pet.

10. Does this not look like the Dogue version of a beauty blogger? We bet this dog knows all about makeup and hair.

11. This doggo is way more knowledgeable about fashion than all of us, it’s best friends with Karl Lagerfeld and honestly, they’re judging you.

12. A step by step guide for success from a dog that can proudly call himself Boss, and not just cause that’s what his humans called him.

13. Big fluffy butts are IN this summer and who’s a better expert on that than a corgi? We’re all envious of them.

14. A spring edition that’ll tell you all about spring and summer fashion trends and how to best accessorize with a flower crown yet not look like a Coachella reject.