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Drake Shares First-Ever Pictures Of His Son On His Instagram


Drake has a son, in case you didn’t know. The kid was born in 2017 and Drake tried to keep it a secret, until Pusha T wrote a diss track that revealed the fact that Drake became a father. Since then Drake has done a paternity test and has in fact admitted it, but tried to keep in under wraps.

He’s mentioned it in a few songs on his album. In Emotionless he sings about how he wasn’t trying to hide his child from the world, he was trying to hide the world from his child. In another song, he mentions giving his kid a kiss on the forehead, which is a very fatherly thing to do. But we’ve never seen what the kid looks like until now.

Perhaps it was just time, or maybe Drake finally had enough time to think about it during the quarantine, but he has finally revealed to his fans what his son looks like. Drake chose Instagram as the platform to share the first pictures of his son Adonis Graham with the world.

In the photos you can see Drake hugging his adorable son, there’s also photos of little Adonis having a drink from a cup, and possibly the most adorable photo of the kid in a toy car with a massive teddy bear that looks about the same size as Adonis.


In the caption to the Instagram post that has gained over 5 million likes in one day, Drake talks about trying to look inward during this trying time of self-isolation and try to find the inner light that will keep you going. He writes about how there’s a lot of fear and overthinking going on right now and it’s important to recognize that you don’t need to be afraid and focus on the negative.

Drake urges his followers to try and switch their focus to something else that will bring them joy in times when they feel overwhelmed by what’s happening. He also mentioned that he misses his friends and family a lot right now and can’t wait until all of this is over and he can finally reunite with them. Same, Drake, we all feel like that right now.

Drake also shared photos of his parents and a photo of himself, Adonis and his mother, with Drake holding the kid in his arms, all three of them looking happy together. Adonis’ mother is Sophie Brussaux, who apparently used to be an adult film star but has since become an artist. Sophie is French but she has since moved to the US and lives in New York.