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Emma Roberts is Pregnant – Who’s Her Secret Man


Remember when Emma Roberts and her ex and co-star Evan Peters had a crazy rollercoaster of a five year relationship and recently broke up about a year ago? Well, this time, she’s with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund, and the two are expecting their fist child together.

Surprisingly, the news wasn’t revealed by Emma herself but by her mother in the form of Instagram comments. When a commenter asked if the actress was pregnant, her mother replied with an enthusiastic “Yes!!” And responded positively to another fan congratulating her.

Hedlund is 6 years older than the 29-year-old Roberts, and had a friendship before they discovered a spark. After hanging out in what E! Online called several “social settings” (remember when that was a thing pre-COVID?) the relationship has evolved to something much more serious.

When a source close to the American Horror Story was previously asked about the relationship, it was revealed that the two had been on casual dates and were “exploring” but things have clearly escalated since then! Whether it was a mistake or intentional, it seems as though Emma Robert’s mother is very happy, and we hope that her daughter is feeling just as ecstatic.

Emma Roberts entered the world of Hollywood through her very famous aunt, Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts. Garrett Hedlund is also an actor, and we have to say, not a bad upgrade at all from Peters. The 35-year-old was romantically linked to Kirsten Dunst for four years, and was raised on a farm in Minnesota. At one point in 2011, he was also linked to Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester.

When he was 14, Garrett started doing auditions in LA, and eventually was cast in Troy and Friday Night Lights. He’s been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in Mudbound, and apparently has secret aspirations as a writer, with a love for poems and journaling. He made a claim that he once wrote 70 pages in Brazil. Dying to get our hands on those pages, if we’re being real. They’re a match made in heaven – Emma founded an online book club called Belletrist. Those literature chats must be truly epic.


The couple has only been together a year, but we can’t wait to hear more about Roberts’ new beau. Maybe her past relationship failed because it was in the spotlight too much, which is why she’s staying quiet on the current situation.

To be honest, they’ve both kept mum on the situation since they were outted as a couple, on social media and every other platform. When asked about her bae in a 2019 interview with Cosmopolitan, she declined to comment. Emma did reveal that she spends hours talking with her mom about all the overwhelming media attention and paparazzi photos that take advantage of her privacy.

According to Emma, her mom never judges her, and neither do her friends, who make up an amazing support system in her life, which is all that we can hope for when embarking on a new relationship and life journey of pregnancy.

Another thing besides acting that Hedlund and Roberts have in common is their love for singing. Roberts sang on Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous. Hedlund, on the other hand, sang in 2014’s Lullaby, and in Country Strong. When Garrett was younger, he even modelled L.L. Bean backpacks in the early 2000s. Google the pictures if you want some throwback nostalgia vibes immediately.

In March 2019, these Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund were snapped holding hands in NYC, laughing and having a grand time. Just a couple of months later was that Cosmo interview, and in January, that source threw us a curveball, saying the couple wasn’t talking engagement or marriage.

In June, they came out to the world as pregnant. That’s a long way from a fun fling. About a weeks ago, they were spotted wearing fashionable masks (Hedlund in a gingham print and Roberts in a camel-toned version) at LAX to catch a flight. Doctor appointments, perhaps? A gender reveal? Whether these two are co-parenting or mulling over marriage, we hope the best from them and are keeping our fingers crossed for further updates.