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Gwen Stefani’s Son Kingston Then And Now


Gwen Stefani is an incredible singer, performer and an all-around talented lady and it seems like her life really revolves around music. And she’s not alone in that passion, because it seems like everyone in her family feels the same. She used to be married to an English singer, Gavin Rossdale and is currently in a relationship with Blake Shelton, an American country music artist. And even her kids seem to have a love for music and the desire to make that their career. Her son, Kingston, who’s only 14, formed his own band and had a debut performance at the age of 12. That’s a pretty impressive thing for such a young kid, but Kingson has always been a very impressive child.

If you look back at Kingston early childhood photos you’ll see that he definitely got to express himself however he wanted. Gwen believes that it’s every child’s right to decide how they want to look, how they want to dress and how they want to identify and express themselves. And if you consider that Kingston grew up in a family of musicians who dress up for the performances and generally have quite a cool style, it’s really not that surprising that we’ve seen him rock various hairstyles, nail polish and that even as a kid he wanted his hair dyed bright colors. The outfits Kingston has rocked over the years are also pretty cool. Let’s take a look at his little style evolution, shall we?

1. Here’s Kingston rocking a stylish preppy look with a twist. This kid was wearing blazers with shorts ages before it became mainstream.

2. We’d call this look black tie punk. Like he’s wearing blazers and trousers but the overall style is definitely punk and we love how it looks on the little dude.

3. A proper little rockstar. There’s just nothing cuter and more adorable than a kid in a leather jacket with all of the zippers and buttons.

4. Little kids with super cool hairstyles is a definite mood. Like me might be a toddler but his hair looks like he could be in a rock band.

5. A boho moment for baby Kingston over here. Both of these look hella cost, to be honest.

6. A very punk look, and you know, not many people can pull that off so it actually makes sense to experiment with that as a kid.


7. Kingston was also seen with nail polish on his nails quite a few times, he’s rocking a classic black nail polish on one photo and a more colorful metallic one on the other.

8. More provocative looks from Kingston. The blue hair is phenomenal, the nail polish, bag and lollipop combo is just fabulous, we love it. This kid was serving looks left and right.

9. Kingston changes up his look depending on the occasion and clearly goes through phases as many kids do. Here he is being all sporty.

10. We don’t even know what to call this look, but it looks intentional for sure. We’ve all been there as teens.

11. He still loves experimenting with his hair. He’s gone blonde quite a few times and then used that as a canvas for shades of blue. He’s been sticking with blue since early childhood.

12. Here’s Kingston being a perfect little boyfriend. Out and about with his girlfriend, dressed up like a man of your dreams.

13.These are more recent pictures of Kingston, as you can see he looks like a regular teen. Perhaps he’s looking for a new style, perhaps just trying to blend in for a little.

14. Being a kid of a celebrity must be weird, but he’s lucky to have a family that is loving and supportive of him be it his musical endeavours or style choices. He recently turned 14 and his mom and dad posted these photos and said they’re proud and lucky to be the parent of such a cool kid.