Hot Aussie Firefighters and Animals In 2020 Charity Calendar Melt Our Hearts – Her Beauty

Hot Aussie Firefighters and Animals In 2020 Charity Calendar Melt Our Hearts


Every year, we are blessed by the ultimate bad boys for a good cause – Australian firefighters. They’re proof that not all heroes wear capes, but most of them have chiseled abs that make Ryan Gosling look like a stick figure.

Australian firefighters have been flaunting their bods and raising money for good causes for a staggering 27 years.

Originally established in 1993 to help raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundation , the Australian firefighters calendar has managed to raise over $3 million for different charities.

For this year’s 2020 calendar, they topped themselves with a staggering 6 new calendars, all of which are currently plastered on our bedroom walls.

These calendars include the “Horse Calendar”, “Farm Animal Calendar”, “Dog Calendar”, “Cat Calendar”, “Wildlife Calendar”, and the classic calendar with no animals.

This years calendars include Bradley Cooper’s buff doppelgänger Nathan, chest tatted Nathan, tight abbey Richard, and a bunch of other dudes that we’re sure will turn up in our dreams this week.

Yes, smoldering hot baes with that irresistible accent are shot snuggling fluffy horses, baby goats, kittens, kangaroos, and more. They’ve been doing these calendars for so long, yet somehow we never get bored.


I mean, look at this tatted, tanned deity casually holding a plump little koala rumpus. Our brains are about to explode.

Who needs Magic Mike live in Vegas? For our bachelorette parties, consider flying us out Down Unda’ so that we can watch these unreal creatures holding unbelievably snuggly creatures. It’s a win-win, TBH.

Nothing has made us yearn for a small exotic pet or a large, muscular husband more. BRB, getting a flight to the nearest firehouse in Australia.

They even have their own website that delivers world wide and lets you take previous peeks at past calendars.

Looking at sexy influencers on Instagram is an inevitable, but how amazing is it that these guys have such god-like bodies that they train year round simply for the purpose of saving lives?

Screw marrying a doctor, ladies, we’re finding ourselves a firefighter for 2020!