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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Act Out A Steamy Scene On Zoom


2020 is definitely a weird year, a lot of things we didn’t expect to happen – did and most of them were terrible. But there’s one good thing that happened and it’s the friendly reuniting of Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt. Everyone’s made a huge deal of them running into each other at the SAG awards this year, it definitely looked like they were happy to see each other and it must’ve been the first time we’ve seen them interact ever since Brad got together with Angelina. But now his marriage with Jolie is over it looks like he and Jen are getting friendlier.

Recently they’ve done a table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High for charity and you can see the whole thing on YouTube for free. The table read was done for a charity named CORE, which is all about eliminating the spread of COVID-19.

The table included Shaun Penn (who was one of the stars of the original movie) and a collection of A-list celebrities that we could only dream of getting together for the 80s rom-com. Jennifer Aniston read for the part of Linda, Morgan Freeman was the narrator, Shia LaBeouf got to read for Shaun Penn’s original role of Jeff Spicoli, John Legend read the role of Charles Jefferson and his little brother too, Henry Golding read for Mr Vargas, Ray Liotta read for history teacher Mr Hand, Sean Penn got the role of a pizza delivery man, Brad Pitt read for the role of Brad, funnily enough, Matthew McConaughey red for the role of Mike Damone and Julia Roberts read for Stacy, Dane Cook read as Mart Ratner and finally Jimmy Kimmel got to play about 30 characters most of which were teenage girls.

The show kicked off with everyone saying hello to each other. Brad Pitt commented that “it’s so nice to see all these friends, so beautiful.” And then said a flirty “hi Anniston” to Jennifer Anniston, who replied with “Hi Pitt”. He then asked how she’s doing and Jen replied with “Good, honey, how are you?”. Morgan Freeman commented that none of them got a haircut to which Brad Pitt just shrugged and said “COVID”. Julia Roberts said, “well I see Matthew Ccconaughey so that is a good sign.”

Chrissy Teigen crashed the table read at the beginning, astonished at the screen of famous faces she saw in front of her: “what the f*ck? Holy sh*t hi everybody” – was the most relatable reaction we’ve ever seen, Chrissy is definitely one of us. Julia Roberts asked if that’s what she looks like just walking around the house, cause that’s not her usual around the house look, that’s what she looks like when she’s going to the Oscar’s brunch, then she asked Jennifer Anniston if that’s what she looks like on the daily to which Jen said “no”.


Before the readthrough Dane Cook made a disclaimer:

“The big disclaimer with capital D. A whole lot of beliefs and language have changed since this came out so don’t @us unless it’s to donate. Remember it was a certain time and place and the sentiments in the script do not reflect the people reading it today, they do reflect the fictional character in an imaginary school in a totally make-believe story.

We are unrehearsed, we are not ready, we are gonna do this anyway for CORE.”

And while Julia Roberts and Jennifer Anniston wholeheartedly agreed that they’re not ready, was that really true? Later on, we find out that Jennifer had a red bikini on top of a white tank top under her denim vest for the poolside scene. And Brad Pitt was definitely ready. He wore a green shirt that featured in a steamy scene with Jennifer Anniston and even had prop hats ready for other scenes. Someone brought their A-game even to a zoom table read.

This whole thing couldn’t have been a coincidence. It’s definitely for show, but having seen Jennifer Anniston say “Hi Brad, you know how cute I always thought you were. You’re so sexy. Will you come to me?”, even as part of a script, was definitely enough to ignite some rumors. Brad and Jen are obviously friendly, they know each other from back in the day, they have a similar sense of humor and they have a history together. But they keep saying they’re just happy for each other and are just friends. But I’m sure a lot of people around the world are hoping these two would get back together. They certainly have chemistry.