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K-Pop and Plastic Surgery Go Hand In Hand


K-Pop stars have become incredibly popular worldwide these days. Their songs are catchy, their bands include many members each catering to a different demographic, their image is always new and fresh and their looks are to die for. I mean, have you ever looked at K-pop stars? They’re all incredibly gorgeous and every single one of them looks like they could be a movie star or a model, and they can sing too. But it’s not a secret to anyone that most of them have had plastic surgeries to look the way they do now. Seoul has basically become the plastic surgery capital of the world, they even have a self-improvement district where there are around 500 offices and clinics that offer all sorts of cosmetic procedures to improve one’s appearance.

In fact, plastic surgery is so common in Korea that one in 3 women there has either had some cosmetic procedure done or is seriously considering it. It’s very common for parents to give their children plastic surgery as a graduation gift. Double-eyelid surgery is the most popular “gift” these days. The reason for this is simple, Korea is a very competitive country, and how you look matters, to the point that if you look prettier you could do better in whatever career you choose, and we don’t just mean being a celebrity. 

We try to fight this kind of approach in the Western world but in Korea people just accept it as part of their life and get on with it. Plastic surgery is so common there that sometimes celebrities are pressured into going under the knife either by their management or their fans and their comments. Let’s take a look at some of the K-pop stars that have had plastic surgery.  

Uee from After School

Uee was a member of the K-pop band After School, who are pretty much the Korean Pussycat Dolls. She is often questioned in interviews if she’s had any work done and the only thing she admitted to was that she got surgery to even out her eyes. However, her fans speculate that she also had a nose job done. She also once sued a plastic surgeon for using images of her thighs, which means she’s had liposuction done too. 

JooE from Momoland

JooE had her plastic surgery even before she became a star. She got a nose job done when she was still in high school and didn’t tell anyone about it until she got into the band. Since then she also got eyelid surgery, but everyone thinks that hers looks very natural and the result was worth it. 

Hyomin from T-ARA

The lead-rapper of T-ARA doesn’t see the point in being secretive about her plastic surgeries. She openly talks about it and her opinion is that it’s part of her job to look pretty and entertain people. So naturally, plastic surgery can help you fix any issues you might have, but she does think it’s important not to go overboard. 

Shindong from Super Junior

Beauty standards for men are just as harsh as they are for women in South Korea and Shindong from Super Junior has had his share of comments about his appearance and weight. He mentioned in interviews that his management actually told him to get eyelid surgery because his eyes look weird, and he agreed with them.


Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls

Narsha has no problem admitting that plastic surgery made her a lot more beautiful and in turn a lot happier and more successful. When the band Brown Eyed Girls debuted they all looked very different from how they look now and Narsha thought that they’re not pretty enough to become popular, but plastic surgery helped. Narsha also has shared in her interviews that as a celebrity you get a lot of people commenting on your appearance so naturally, you want to look your best in order not to get hurt by those comments. 


Jessica Ho is a Korean-American singer and when she first made the move to Korea she had a hard time dealing with the culture shock. She jumped on the bandwagon of plastic surgeries and got her eyelids and nose done in one go. When she first saw the results, she was not happy about them, but since then she’s had more work done and even got a breast augmentation surgery that she’s very happy with. She says she prefers to be open about her plastic surgeries because it’s stupid to hide them, people will notice either way.

Hwang Chi Yeul

This singer, like many others, was urged by his management to go under the knife before his debut. He discussed his nose job in interviews and said that he didn’t have an opinion of plastic surgery, but he doesn’t regret it. He’s pretty happy with the result. He has since changed labels and his past label isn’t happy about how he openly talks about plastic surgery, but he doesn’t care. 


This K-pop celeb has admitted that she’s had a few small adjustments to her appearance but didn’t talk about the specifics until she was confronted about it on reality TV. She took part in a show where she went to see a psychic and they asked her about her nose job. That’s when she agreed that she did have a nose job, but it was a minor correction, however, she also said she was planning to do a little more.