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Most Stunning Plastic Surgery Transformations


Plastic surgery is still a controversial topic, even though it’s now fairly common and we’d even say it’s become quite “popular”. When done badly it’s extremely obvious, but if you get a good surgeon and just do minor corrections instead of changing your whole look – it’ll be barely noticeable. There’s already enough stuff on the internet about botched plastic surgeries, so we thought we’d write about the good ones. The stunning plastic surgery transformations you wouldn’t even know about or notice unless you chose to dig deep into the past, compare and contrast. 

Jennifer Aniston

If you look at old pictures of Jennifer Aniston you’ll notice that her nose looks different now. She definitely got it done, but according to Jen the reason for it was medical. She says she had a deviated septum and got a nose job to get it fixed. Apparently, it was the best decision she’s ever made as it fixed her breathing problems and allowed her to sleep like a baby. Since then, she admitted to trying botox once and did not like it. These days she seems to be against plastic surgery and doesn’t want to give in to the pressure of Hollywood to stay ageless forever. We’ve got to say, she’s been aging quite gracefully so far. 

Sharon Osbourne

When you’re married to Ozzy Osbourne you’ve got to be prepared to be for public life. And Sharon Osbourn didn’t quite look the part, so she got quite a lot of plastic surgery, which she doesn’t regret. She’s very open about the procedures she’s done and says it refreshed her look. She also says that finding a good surgeon is key, and unfortunately it’s not that easy to find a good one. 

Heidi Montag

Heidi got into plastic surgery very early on. She’s had 10 different things done before she even reached 25. At the time she was very happy about it because she saw it as an upgrade, it was a way to become a new and improved version of herself. However, years later she realized that she rushed into plastic surgery because of peer pressure, online trolls commenting on her appearance, hateful comments, you know, all the wrong reasons. Heidi has also admitted that she has some health complications from her plastic surgeries and wishes that she didn’t rush to get stuff done for all the wrong reasons. However, her results are pretty good as far as plastic surgeries go. 


Jane Fonda

This absolute icon has a complicated relationship with plastic surgery. On one hand, she’s mentioned that she’s got herself a decade and was happy with the results. On the other hand, she wishes she was more confident and had the strength to not succumb to this Hollywood pressure of looking younger than she is. Just last year Fonda said in an interview that she’s done with plastic surgery and will not go under the knife anymore. Self-acceptance isn’t easy for her, but she’s determined to work on it every day.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly knew she wanted to get breast augmentation surgery since she was 18, but she was one of those few good ones, who listened to the advice of her friends and parents and didn’t get an impulse surgery. She waited a full decade before getting breast implants, and the result was absolutely worth it. However, after having a baby she admitted that her breasts stopped looking as good and she’s planning on getting them re-done.

Ariel Winter

Ariel was only 17 when she decided to go under the knife. And unlike any actresses who get breast augmentation surgery, she didn’t do it to get larger breasts. She actually got a breast reduction and she didn’t try to hide it. She was open about her reasoning. She was sick of being oversexualized because of her breasts, so she got a reduction. And she even wore a backless dress that showcased her scars, because it’s part of her and she doesn’t see a reason to hide it or feel bad about her decision.