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Pregnant Katy Perry Is Up For A Jam-Packed Summer


It looks like celebrities these days have a knack for breaking the news about their pregnancy to the world in creative ways. Katy Perry recently revealed her pregnancy in a music video for the song Never Worn White. At the end of the video, she is shown standing in a sheer dress, caressing her baby bump — what a picture-perfect way to showcase your pregnancy. And can we also mention that the whole song is just an ode to her fiance and baby daddy Orlando Bloom? It’s such a breathtaking song about how she’s scared but she wants to try this with him and she’s ready to say “I do”.

And no one even start about the name of the song. We all know she was married to Russell Brand before but technically her dress wasn’t white. The color was dove grey. So yeah, it’s a technicality, but she really hasn’t worn a white wedding dress before. And also, can’t we just all be happy about how in love she must be to write a song like that.

Following the release of the music video Katy also did a live stream on her Instagram in which she talked about her pregnancy and revealed a bit more details. We now know she’s due in the summer and that she was looking forward to getting married and wearing the wedding dress with a baby bump. Unfortunately now her and Orlando’s destination wedding in Japan has been postponed because of COVID2019. But on the other hand — that will give her time to focus on her pregnancy and some alone time with her fiancee instead of all the wedding planning. We’re sure they’ll pick up the planning right after the baby is born.

Speaking of the baby, Katy Perry has revealed that this was the biggest secret and the longest time that she’s even had to keep something under wraps. But she just wanted to tell the news to the world in a song and music video, as a piece of art, because that’s how she truly speaks to her fans.


She even tried to keep it from her mother and had a fun plan on how she was going to reveal it to her. She printed a special wine label that would state that she’s pregnant and she was going to bring it to her mother’s house for dinner and tell her in that way. But her mother kind of spoiled the surprise when one day she was around and felt like having some wine so she picked a bottle and noticed the special “I’m pregnant” one. Mom’s just have a sixth sense for this kind of thing, don’t they?

Katy also told her grandmother about being pregnant while she was visiting her in the hospital. Her grandma was 99 years old and it was clear she wasn’t gonna be around much longer so Katy went “grandma, I’m pregnant, don’t tell anyone”. And her grandma, the hilarious woman that she was went “Nah-ah”. You just can’t beat that woman’s sense of humor.

Katy’s been confirming her pregnancy left and right on every social media. She went on Twitter to say “Omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore. Or carry around a big purse lol”. She’s embracing her pregnancy in style too, and we can’t wait to see her wear more of those adorable and kooky dresses that will highlight her baby bump.

Katy also has mentioned that she’s going to be a working mom and doesn’t plan on stopping her work and taking time off. So between giving birth and releasing an album she really is going to have a jam-packed summer this year. But she seems excited and ready for it all.