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Taylor Swift Blesses Fans During Quarantine


The lives of celebrities during this time of quarantine are not too far off from our own lives. We’re all stuck inside, but celebrities have it a bit better since most of them are stuck inside their mansions with pools, unlimited square footage, and other amenities that the rest of us aren’t privileged to have.

Many stars are connecting on social media and reaching out to their fans in unconventional ways. Take Taylor Swift, for example. She shares adorable quarantine pics of her cat Meredith with her 129.5 million followers, encouraging them to “be like Meredith” and self-quarantine as much as possible. Also, Meredith’s bed is fancier than ours.

This is typical cute Taylor Swift content that gives us a sneak-peek into her life, but it’s also a unique way to encourage social distancing and the idea of self-quarantine for her hundreds of millions of fans. This encouragement is less pushy than others who have chosen more aggressive tactics, and the gentle approach is perhaps the secret to getting through to people.

With weather finally warming up and most of us still stuck inside, we all need a little more Swifty content than usual. It’s tempting to go out and meet up with your friends, but if famous people can refrain, so can we.

Routine is at the heart of comfort, for many of us. Having our routines thrown out of whack feels disorienting, and brings loneliness for many. But having our favourite famous people cheerleading us on makes the difficult task a little easier.

This ism’t all Taylor has been doing for the masses – she’s kept an eye on her Tumblr mutuals – especially the needy. As a result, she’s sending 3k USD to anyone going through a struggle based on COVID-19. Swift has helped at least 10 people who posted about getting laid off or having other money worries. Fans online said that the singer changed their lives by doing so. Many of these donations took place on Wednesday, March 25.

COVID-19 has brought a wave of international unemployment for many, who are forced to stay home when they badly need a pay check. Not everyone will have a job guaranteed for them when this is over, and we need all the compassion, kindness, and help that we can possibly give to others. It looks like Taylor is a beacon of that generous and positive spirit during this tough time.


Some fans first thought it was fake and did a double-take, verifying Taylor’s account multiple times. Many of them freaked out in all-caps captions on Twitter, and understandably so. This is proof that the country singer turned pop star has true love and appreciation for her dedicated fan base. So far, she hasn’t officially commented on it. Probably because she’s snugging in bed with Meredith. Wouldn’t you be?

One Tumblr fan explained that her only source of income would be halted for at least a month, and earnestly asked for donations online. This can’t be easy to do, as we all want to maintain our self-respect during this time. Having a random celebrity pop in and alleviate some pressure definitely errs on the side of a miracle.

Taylor Swift might not be the face of philanthropy when it comes to A-listers, but we see her differently after this situation and her generous nature that these random donations clearly indicate.

Many people have preconceived assumptions about Taylor Swift, but her documentary on Netflix titled “Miss Americana” shows a more authentic and evolved side of the now 30-year-old singer who is vastly different than she was as a wavy-haired newbie to the music industry.

People might have labelled her one thing, but it turns out that she is passionate about being a Democrat, as well as an advocate for LGBT+ issues all over the world. This exemplary woman is a role model to others and an ally for many communities – ones that truly appreciate her public support.

Swift isn’t the only one who has practiced generosity during this time. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds donated a staggering $1 million to food banks all over, while Britney Spears has helped fans in a similar way, doing food with food purchases and other household needs. Shoutout to these celebrities for doing good when the world needs it most.