The Evolution of Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish might only be 18 but she’s wise beyond her years and has reached the heights of fame most people her age can only dream on. Actually, let’s be real, most of us, even people twice her age can only dream of being as famous, popular and successful as Billie Eilish. And what’s interesting is that she achieved all this in only the past 5 years. It’s been really interesting to see how this young girl went from a 13-year-old kid writing songs with her brother in her bedroom to an 18-year-old who wins Grammys, plays stadiums and headlines massive musical festivals. She has definitely changed a lot in the past 5 years, which is only natural for a teenager. But Billie Eilish isn’t your typical teenager. Let’s take a look.

1. This is what Billie Eilish looked like before she became the star that she is now. An adorable kid in her room, posters all over the wall, an occasional weird outfit, but mostly just your regular kid not really caring that much what they look like.

2. Then came the success of her first song called Ocean Eyes. This is where we’d say her style evolution really started. Her hair was bleached, she was starting to experiment and figure out what she wanted to look like in public. But it was all rather understated at first.

3. We’d call these looks kind of neutral. She’s clearly very stylish yet effortless, but it’s hard to tell if she’s dressing like this on her own or being styled in a kind of neutral but still stylish and presentable way.

4. Then Billie started wearing some baggy clothes. We see a lot of sweatshirts and some accessorizing going on with the big chains around her neck. It looks like she’s beginning to put her own spin on her style.

5. She definitely went through a phase of wearing bright things, a lot of black and yellow or just full-on yellow outfits. Very interestingly structured looks. Kinda gaggy but accentuating the waist.

6. And here is where she’s still going strong with yellow but definitely transitioning into baggy kind of hip-hop inspired outfits. We love those yellow overalls, that was a look.

7. In 2017 Billie definitely started favouring baggy t-shirts, graffiti printed clothes and some oversized athleisure ensembles. And combining that with a lot of necklaces, it was truly the beginning of her love of massive accessories.

8. Her hair went blue, she embraced the baggy look, her outfit color choices also became more blue and purple a lot of the time, to fit in with her blue aesthetic and hair.

9. The slightly creepy look from her music video was definitely a turning point for Billie. Many started saying she’s goth, but we’d say she’s just mixing styles to create her own way of expressing herself and that’s amazing.

10. And in 2019 we get the green roots. It was a massive change and definitely a very bright color. Highlighter green roots became her signature roots. And of course, the fashion choices that followed were also far from subtle.

11. Billie started wearing a lot of big designer looks to events and red carpets and award ceremonies. But obviously all of them weren’t just designer looks, they were designer looks made specifically for Billy, to fit in with her oversized style preferences.

12. She dressed head to toe in designer items and it looked so bomb. We especially loved the juxtaposition of an all-white Chanel look with her birth green roots, massive black nails and sneakers of course. We’ve never seen Chanel like this before.

13. Burberry and Chanel are just a few of the big-name designers Billie wore, but it’s cool to see that even though she was working with fashion names that have been around longer than she’s been alive, she managed to make them completely her own looks instead of conforming to what those designers usually put out.

14. Her fashion photoshoots are definitely becoming very meticulously curated and there’s this high fashion aura around her style but still unique and her own. She’s done quite a few photoshoots for big magazines which we’re sure will influence the fashion world.

15. Some of her looks are verging on just art performances, they go above and beyond. The exaggerated shapes, the purposeful grandiosity of her looks, it’s pretty incredible. And all of that still has a feeling of her being a little punk. Should we call this designer punk?

Some are saying it’s a way to say that she’ll wear what she wants, others say it’s about how her style is about to change now that she’s 18. We’ll just have to wait and see.