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Who is Russell Brand’s Wife?


Russell Brand has gone from a weird, scandalous yet incredibly eloquent comedian to a self-proclaimed guru with controversial opinions and a philosophical approach to life. And while you might remember him as someone who was married to Katy Perry for a hot minute, that hasn’t been the case for a while. In fact, Russell divorced Katy in quite an abrupt and sudden way, but he has since married a different lady and even became a father. It’s definitely a new and way more mellow approach to life he’s found himself in and we wonder if maybe his partner is who keeps him grounded. Let’s talk about who is Russell Brand’s wife and what we know about her.

1. Who Is She?

Her name is Laura Brand these days, but you might know her as Laura Gallacher. She is the daughter of a famous Scottish professional golfer Bernard Gallacher. And if you think she looks familiar it might be because she’s got a sister, Kirsty, who is a British TV presenter. While the sisters have different hair colors, they do have very similar facial features.

2. When Did They Meet?

Apparently, Laura and Russell met a long time ago, they even dated for a while in 2007. They’ve kept in touch since and have had a sort of on-and-off relationship. You could say Laura has seen Russell through thick and definitely witnessed how he changed and grew as a person in the past years.

3. When Did They Get Married?

Russell Brand proposed to Laura in the summer of 2016 and they got married in the summer of 2017. A pretty standard development, since planning a wedding takes about a year. The two had an Indian inspired themed wedding and the event took place in Henley-on-Thames, in Oxfordshire, England, where they live.


4. Do They Have Kids?

Yes, Russell and Laura have two children together. They had their first daughter in 2016 before they got married, and the second child followed in 2018. Their kids are called Mabel and Peggy and Russell Brand seems to be surprisingly good at being a dad. He has commented on becoming a father, saying that he just loves it and nothing that his children do annoys him, even though they take up a large portion of his life now. He is just quite happy surrendering to their every wish and that’s it.

5. What Does Laura Do?

Laura Brand is a lifestyle blogger and somewhat of a clothing designer. She has her own website called the Joy Journal and it’s all about creating custom creative dungarees for people. It all started when she was pregnant and had horrible morning sickness that lasted all day. Laura’s way of dealing with this was to try and distract herself with creative projects she could do at home. She made herself some custom dungarees, then made a pair for a friend and it slowly became her business.

6. Laura The Mom and Author

Since having her kids Laura has been all about creative play and connecting with nature and finding ways to engage with her kids. Her Instagram is all about crafting, creativity and fun ways to spend time with kids. She even wrote a book called “The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play” in which you can find helpful tips and 50 ways on how to connect with your kids and also how to nurture your own inner child. All fifty of those tips and activities that Laura shares in her book are meant to be super easy and something everyone can do on a daily basis.